Healing Journey Thailand

Jarno was in Thailand from January 24 to February 4 to teach and heal at the international Seraphim Blueprint festival, heal a number of locations and do several 1-on-1 healings. Read the travel journal where he takes you through the magical moments of the healing journey in Thailand. 

Banner of the festival Jarno did a teaching and healing.

How It All Began; My Meeting with Ruth Rendely

Someone asked me in 2020 how I get my spiritual technical knowledge. My own teacher's name is Joseph. And so was his teacher. I had no historical information about him. I then started searching on that name. Joseph Martinez. Then you find everything but the right one. But he was called Reverend Joseph Martinez. Then I came across a website in his honor.

Rev Joseph Martinez was ahead of his time. My teacher told me that Carlos Santana also received healing from him, which helped him with his music. You can feel the power through his music from that time for which he later won Grammys. I was already in contact with my teacher Joseph Holzer in the late 1990s. At that time I had converted Joseph Martinez's healing tapes to Mp3. On the website there was a call from Ruth Rendely if anyone still had the lost tapes. And I had them. So I contacted her by e-mail. But I heard nothing for months. Until I got a message on May 21, 2021. The day before Ruth's birthday. She was cleaning up her spam.

We met then through Zoom. She told me that people had approached her before. But this had never come to an appointment. When she saw me, she said: "It's you!" Which I didn't understand at the time because I only wanted to give her the tapes. For her, Joseph was the signal. She asked me if I was familiar with multiple souls. Inwardly I laughed. You should know, I thought ... And answered: "Yes." Ruth told me about her book "Your Multiple Souls" and if she could analyze me. At her request, I gave her my date of birth for a soul reading. And this confirmed for her what she already suspected.

Seraphim Festival in Thailand

In the beginning, I was reluctant to commit to Seraphim. Because I have my own journey. But we have many conversations because I too enjoy being able to talk to someone on a deep level. Last summer she told me that she was going to organize a festival in Thailand. And that she wanted to come to our house in Spain. Through Zoom, I then also met Thanakrit, who was training with her at that time. 

We also came to the topic of multiple souls. And I think it's important to be open about who you are. And Ruth indicated at the festival that in the future I will support Seraphim Blueprint as needed. So I will share what Ruth analyzed about me at the time.

I was born April 30, 1976 (a born healer) and I have 7 souls:

  • 11 moonlet
  • 11 moonlet
  • 13 interdimensional being
  • 12 blackhole guardian
  • 13 martian
  • 8 solar being 
  • 13 venusian
Dimensionality description of third to eighteenth dimensional beings gurus, masters, spiritual teachers, avatars

"Ruth joked that it would take years to get to know me."

Signals and Recognition

My whole day consists of signals. Also double numbers. From the moment I decided to go to Thailand, the signals became triple numbers like 14.44....

What I can do on a spiritual level I keep largely hidden. But I shine my light. And someone who is open to it sees it at the level at which it is visible to that person. So for some, I am simply Jarno. While another notices that they are touched by the light.

Seraphim Blueprint Festival Thailand

Yet in Holland and Belgium I manage to make myself invisible. Thailand is different. When I did the healing on Saturday, January 27, astrologically during a powerful transformational energy, those present immediately realized what I can do. And the stay in Thailand has been a succession of extraordinary healings and especially divine timing. And certainly on the Monday, those who were along felt it all. About which more later.

Seraphim Lessons

On Sunday, I attended the level 1 Seraphim healing class. Ruth had previously given me initiations through Zoom to get used to the Seraphim, but I had no idea what her classes are like. During the class, energy began to flow through my hands in different variations. At the different initiations in different form. The fingers symbolize the 6 wings of the Seraphim. I know other variations are possible. And I invite you to experiment with these when activating Elviahu or Riama energy.

Healing Journey in Bangkok

Thanakrit and his team had organized a wonderful day on the Monday. I won't tire you with how many times we all saw triple numbers that day. But the van that drove us around had the license plate number 4442. And even when filling up at the end of the day, the fuel cost 29.99 Baht. I looked at Gordon, who had also been seeing the numbers all day, and he started laughing. But I also noticed other forms of divine timing during this day. I will tell more about them. I was eager to photograph the program. On the way, I took a picture of it. Exactly at that moment, suddenly the Seraphim is illuminated.

Wherever I go, I also always see what can be healed in that place. Some experiences I will highlight. In the morning we visited Wat Maha That. A serene place where the spiritual work of ascended masters can still be felt. At the entrance, a tree attracts my attention because of its energetic power. Together with Kentaro, I walk the grounds and get to know him as a beautiful person of integrity who possesses special powers. It is pleasant to be in his presence. With ten minutes to go, I walk to the tree I saw at the beginning. 

As I sit under it, I set up my healing space. It begins to breeze and the wind clears the area. Then I see if there are any spirits that want to pass over and clear negative and karmic energy here and there. Then I start building. 

Because this place is very wise precisely because of its age. And in my view, old wisdom is very gentle and can provide insight to those who are still young and want to learn about certain topics. Therefore, I call upon the Wisdom keepers for support on the way to natural harmony.

A little bird arrives. It stands two meters in front of me and comes to inspect me. It is a messenger between the physical and astral worlds where the nature beings reside. Behind me I feel Lee Shook approaching and doing his healing work. Without disturbing me. And not much later he walks away again. Funny, I think. I call on Wisdom keepers and suddenly he comes and stands there. Beautiful how everything comes together in the moment. (Later in the week, Lee tells me that his grandmother is Native American.) I put the energy into high frequency so visitors can experience personal growth and thank the place for allowing me to do healing here.

Healing of Places

The next temple we visit is Wat Ratchaburuna. Upon arrival, it feels heavy and conflictual. Kentaro also notices this energy. And we both look in our own ways to see what can be resolved. Thanakrit then tells us that it is a place where two brothers had disagreements with each other. But beyond the entrance, we come to a temple with an enormously powerful vortex. We climb the temple. Upon entering, I notice the perfection in terms of dimensional sacred geometry. First I clean the vortex in the middle. Then we walk back to the entrance of the temple. Here I notice a second force field. I stand there and restore the energy to its authentic state.

Then Urun approaches. I look at her and invite her to stand on the force field. She does not hesitate for a moment. In this place I can let her experience her own inner beauty. And that is the most beautiful thing about healing. Awakening someone, making visible the potential that someone possesses.

This is something someone awakened in me years ago. And now I am doing it for her. And I'm sure she will do the same for others with her beautiful Seraphim paintings.

Books With Personal Note

I had also brought a few of our books so that the Seraphim teachers could become familiar with my vision. And I had already been able to give almost everyone a book. Fon asked on the bus if I would sign the book. I always write a personal message then. I had one more book for someone whose time had not yet come to give. And that was Ozden. A woman who is like a daughter to Ruth. On the bus I had already written a personal text for her. Before lunch I felt a doubt. Shall I give it now? And I thought. No, not yet.

At lunch, Ozden and I come to the table first. Whoever comes first gets to choose she says smiling. And we sit at the edge facing each other. During lunch she talked about her work. The heart - mind connection (I had written about this as a personal note, attuned to her). Suddenly she says to me: "And where is my book?" I replied that it was on the bus and that I would give it to her after the next stop. After I said that, I saw the name Joseph in the distance. It was very subtly visible. For me, everything fell into place. Also because of a healing I had done that day with quite an impact; a reference point in my life plan

"So indeed a milestone. Level achieved. After all, life is a game."

How It All Came Together During the Healing Journey

As an example, of myself. That I saw the name Joseph at lunch. My own teacher is also named Joseph. And my own guide I also jokingly call Joseph. Even though that's not his name. And you can't make up the following and that is what makes the present time so special where memories are easily preserved. Later that week I looked at Rev. Joseph Martinez's website. And there Ruth had written...

‘During the morning break, I introduced myself and mentioned that I was a psychic, who also did past-life  readings. When Joseph invited us to his favorite Thai restaurant for lunch, I joined them.’

I asked Ruth if she could remember when she had written this text. And Ruth said, about 23-25 years ago. Back then, of course, she didn't know that her work would become known in Thailand. And at that time I contacted Ruth because of Joseph. I did not know, of course, that I would see the name Joseph in Thailand, over lunch at a Thai restaurant.

"Such a signal from all Joseph's together is beautiful. Although you only need your own confirmation. Because that is the most precious thing."

At the next temple named Wat Na Phra Meru Rachikaram, there was a gong at the entrance. Due to frequent ringing, a heart had been punched into the center of the gong. For Ozden, the appearance of a heart is a signal that she is living in alignment with her highest life path, she says. This is the temple where I feel in my element, and she takes a picture of her and the gong. After the visit, I give her the book. And say to her: "Look at the text I wrote for you. It's about the heart..."

Temples Are Force Fields That Carry People

What I noticed is that the temples are really there to support the country and the people. Which is not to say that everything is perfect. Arriving at Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, I first go past all the force fields to clean up. Only to sit back down by a tree at the end for the actual healing. 

I do this because most vortexes do not allow you to stand there. And standing in the energy of the vortex is not convenient if you want to work with it. That's why I always sit in a place where I can control the whole machine, just like a car. Because a temple is actually a machine. So you are able to work from overview and natural power. In this temple the energy is not right. Where it is normal to serve the people. Here the forces are working as worship. That is not pure. That is why I worked here to remove unnatural gods. 

I like to work with my eyes open. And the moment I do my work, people by nature do not come near me. As soon as I finish, other teachers come and I invite them to join me. At that moment I get a headache and quickly close my eyes. The Seraphim comes through to give me an update. Only when you keep your eyes open do you get a headache... This should be possible in a more practical way... Who knows, maybe in the future I will gain insight into how to do this more easily.

Kentaro ( in the middle top photo) is sitting next to me. When we finished, he said to me that he sensed a conspiracy in this temple. I told him what I had been working on. 

"Wonderful that different people can perceive the same thing that is not physically perceptible. But also cannot be perceived by everyone."

Perceiving at Your Level

Realize that what you see is simply that you can do something with it. When it is not visible to another person. Then it is because that person is not yet ready in terms of consciousness growth not yet ready or in terms of spiritual leadership skill is not yet at a level for their task to do something with it.

You may find yourself in a situation where you seek confirmation from another person but don't get it. Never let yourself feel insecure if this happens to you. That you saw wrong, for example. But know what you are capable of. Everyone has their own assignments on Earth. Acknowledge those that are yours. And it's fine if another doesn't see that. It's not a rejection. I call this; I don't believe in, but I surrender to the powers that be within me.

We continued our journey. As I mentioned earlier, I have had many conversations with Ruth. When I was just getting to know her, we discussed that her rabbit, which was very dear to her, had not survived the fire in her house. But also how dear Ozden is to her. Then we arrived at the restaurant for dinner. Ozden was sitting by a beautiful tree next to a rabbit. I wanted to take a picture because to me it was an affirmation from Ruth to Ozden, like Joseph to me at lunch. But I was too late. After dinner, we walked back to the bus. And then I grabbed my chance anyway, because I really wanted to show Ruth what I saw. And look how in the photo the light shines toward Ozden while the rabbit looks on....

"Even though Ruth was not physically present with us that day. She did have a presence, along with the Seraph. Everyone thought it was a memorable day."

Chiang Mai

I would like to take you to later in the week. Before the trip, Ruth urged me to go with Ozden to Chiang Mai. At first I said no to that. Stubborn as I am... But when Thanakrit picked us up from the airport, Ruth said it again. Please don't be so difficult Jarno, I thought. Urgently Thanakrit booked a flight for me so that I went to Chiang Mai with Ozden, her husband Urun, and Thanakrit. On the way there, we even sat next to each other on the plane. Together with Ozden and Urun, we went for a walk.

And as we sit at the coffee house, Ozden sees two eyes in the sky. We look at them. She says: "Of all the hearts, cloud hearts are the hardest to capture on camera." I look up again and see the right eye turning into a heart. "Like now," I say jokingly. Ozden reaches for her phone. But too late. The heart is gone again. But her confirmation remains.

The next day we went to the elephants for a group healing. The elephants and humans are still working together. You can ride around on the elephant, see the techniques what an elephant can do. And the elephants can also paint. I will tell about the healing I did there.

Healing for Elephants

What we have been working on is that another way can emerge for the welfare of the elephants and the people. Painting is nice, but there are also less nice things being done. We have paved the way for change. By creating an energetic portal in the river through which the tourists, elephants and staff pass. So that gradually there is an awareness that things can be different. 

People will be born locally or have already been born. Who are going to introduce other methods. Locally, because this is more likely to be accepted than by people from outside. We have contractually healed the karma with the nature beings from the past (in the days when the elephants still had to do heavy work in the forests). By the way, the nature beings were also angry with the elephants for participating in the destruction of nature.

We agreed that the nature beings are going to assist in the transformation to a more natural state of life. From harmony. This is an added value for all involved. When the time comes, the income from methods that are no longer appropriate will stop. So that the people who can provide change. Can introduce new methods that will be embraced.

Urun created an astral drawing of Seraphim for the elephants and the people who work there with which they can connect spiritually.

Perhaps a good example to think about if you yourself participate in certain forms of destruction and do not take your own responsibility in it. Your own living with limitations comes from not living in harmony.

"Have the courage to say no to something that goes against your nature."

The elephants may have a better life than they had then. But they are still chained and beaten. And life can be more beautiful. Karmically you can live in freedom if you free yourself from restrictions imposed on you or imposed on yourself. It often seems like a difficult path, but it is not. At most, it is necessary to first clean up the mess you have made for yourself. This is the essence of the art of receiving. By being open to what source has to offer you.

By giving you will be rewarded. After the healing, I asked Thanakrit for help at the store. Because I wanted to buy a souvenir for my daughter. And I saw a beautifully decorated wooden bowl in the shape of an elephant. The elephant sanctuary also does very nice things. Like painting together. And suddenly Thanakrit pulls a painting from the rack. It looks friendly and soft. It's an elephant, drawn by the elephant Suda. And she's holding a rose. And those who know my techniques: I work with roses.

"I consider it a thank you. And lovingly buy the painting."

On the way back, we visit a temple on a mountain. Very touristic. I protect the natural energy so that it is not polluted by the projections of tourists. This made it very tight to catch the flight to Bangkok. Partly because there was more and more traffic jam. While joking, we see the time 17.17. Ten minutes later, at the rental car clock, Thanakrit sees 17.17 on the clock. "How strange, the time is not right," Thanakrit says.

I look on the route planner and it indicates straight ahead. But I see that you can also turn at the intersection where we are at that moment. So I say to Thanakrit: "Turn here." And 3 minutes before the boarding closes we will arrive. Then you can say, "Yeah, but. You can't prove that if you went straight you wouldn't catch the plane." But I always work closely with my spiritual team. The trick is precisely not to miss the opportunities because you start thinking rationally.

Dragon Lotus Temple, Wat Mangkon Kamalawat

Back in Bangkok, we visit the Dragon Lotus temple, Wat Mangkon Kamalawat in Chinatown. I am a dragon. And the Chinese year of the dragon begins on Feb. 10, 2024. And those familiar with numerology. 2+0+2+4= 8... The number of the dragon.

Pure Vortex in the Midst of Black Magic

Upon arrival, I notice the intensity of black magic. Therefore, I always protect myself even before going into temples. In this case, I notice that the energy is mainly used for gambling. Just pray and hope that with a little luck you will win the jackpot....

To my feeling, I prefer to go back outside as soon as possible. Until suddenly I notice a pure vortex in the middle of the temple. Everyone is paying attention to everything and everyone. But where the real action is... Exactly that is the place everyone is walking circles around....

I stepped into the middle. If you look closely, I am standing on the statue of a dragon. On the left side you can see a vitrine with statues holding up their hands. On the right side is exactly such a vitrine. Which at that moment I'm not focusing on at all. But what I noticed about the picture is that the sunlight is shining on specific places on my body, like my hands.

Behind me is the statue shown in the third photo. I notice that it radiates a warrior energy that can empower your inner heart (Bravery of the Heart). Not visible to me at the time. But I was looking at the back of the middle statue shown in the first photo.

I find that your energy field here can be greatly enhanced. So sometimes you come to heal places. But sometimes to heal your own inner self. Or what I do here, to empower. By letting energy flow in the four directions and integrating the natural elements of water, earth, air and fire.

High-Speed Healing

After visiting the Dragon Lotus Temple, right in front of me an old woman falls backwards with her head on the ground. Normally I never touch anyone during a healing. Now I do. I support her head. And the 10-20 seconds together before a police officer comes to the rescue seem like an hour for the two of us. Extraordinary how powerful the healing is in such a short moment. That which I always manage to keep well hidden. Awakens here. Also in me. Two months ago I decided to let my light shine continuously. And these are the consequences of it. And I am at peace with it.

That's Normal, Right?

Back at the hotel, Ruth asks if I want to have dinner with her on Friday. She wants to show me something and catch up since we haven't spoken to each other all week. She takes me to a restaurant around the corner from the hotel. I named our company Lead a normal life for the following reason: Although we are all unique, in the end we all want the same thing: just, normal life. Without problems, hassles, health problems or other misfortunes. So, what is a normal life? What is normal for one person may not be normal at all for another. And that is normal. The essence is that you can be yourself.

Our goal is to show as many people as possible that you can indeed direct your life and in that way make your life considerably more pleasant. You are the creator of your experience: create your own paradise on earth..

As soon as I see the name of the restaurant, I start to smile. Normal steak restaurant. When we want to order I see the waitress's nameplate. It says normal girl. I look at Ruth and we laugh heartily.

I want to thank everyone besides Ruth for the beautiful memories that I can carry in my heart forever.


Thailand, land of the smiles.


From love, Jarno Tiethoff

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Do you not want to keep moving with or be swallowed up by other people's energy, choices and emotions? But do you want to discover who you are and what you want, learn to stay true to yourself, make your own choices, and recognize and indicate your boundaries? Do you want to resolve things in yourself, so that you can grow and transform your life into the pleasant life you want? Join the Personal and Spiritual Leadership training.

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Feeling yourself welcome, acceptance of who you essentially are, and love for yourself. During this healing program you become more yourself. With the healings we remove non-own energy. You also learn to discover your authentic self, to distinguish between what is yours and what is not, and to act from your true self (your higher self). Through this you experience more peace and relaxation in yourself, and you give more direction to your life.

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