Pyramid of the Roses

At various exercises in the book Je zijn and the book Je wil states: Make a connection with the pyramid of the roses. But, what exactly is that and why is it necessary? 

Pyramid of the Roses: Intelligence at Its Best

The pyramid of the roses is an instrument from which you can extract higher intelligence. It is a library accessible from the astral dimension. Just like the Akasha. You make a connection through intention (by saying it out loud or in your mind or visualizing it).

The roses are programming. By asking for them, you yourself give the intention, the pyramid provides the quality. There are different kinds of roses, each with its own purpose:

By using the higher intelligence of the pyramid of the roses, for example, you can shield yourself energetically without cutting yourself off. 

The instrument was rediscovered by Joseph Holzer. He gave it the name Pyramid of the roses.

Why a Pyramid and Why Roses?

Pyramid of roses visually depicted. At the top a red rose in a golden light pyramid.


We begin with the pyramid. Pyramids are built according to the platonic body (geometric figure) tetrahedron. This means that all faces have the same shape and size, all edges are the same length and all angles between them are the same size. Pyramids by their shape, size and construction are like power plants; on earth they are also seen as antennas to the cosmos and represent the pursuit of the highest peak. 

Did You Know?

The Pyramid of Cheops in Giza has the same triangular relationship as the earth and the moon have with each other. Not for nothing does it belong to 1 of the 7 wonders of the world to which mystical powers are attributed.


Rose, the queen of flowers. When the petals of the rose develop, the fibonacci sequence can be seen. The rose is also found in our galaxy. In an 8-year cycle, Earth and Venus orbit the sun. Where the relationships between them form a rose. 

Sacred Geometry

Every geometric figure is created from a certain basis. Sacred geometry is the basis of everything. The figures are constructed according to the fibonacci sequence. This ratio is found in everything. From our physical bodies to planets and the solar system. Pyramids and roses are also built according to this series. Everything around us is energy and constructed according to sacred geometry. This knowledge used to be passed down in Mystery Schools. Like the Mystery School of Pythagoras. Pyramids and roses are therefore common healing tools.

Platonic figures sacred geometry
Earth and Venus in orbit around the sun
Your core, from your core you have access to everything you need: come into your power | Spiritual book | Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff

Book Je zijn

This book:

  • provides insight into all layers of your energy system, what influences it and how you can influence it. Both energetically and practically. 
  • contains exercises to get rid of energy that is not yours and to shield your energy field. 
  • is full of tips on how to raise your energy system to a higher frequency.

This book is currently being translated into English and Spanish. The expected release date is fall 2023. 

Je wil | Get what you want with the help of metaphysical laws and forces. Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff.

Book Je wil

This book: 

  • provides insight into the hierarchy and operation of 42 metaphysical laws and forces.
  • contains exercises so that you learn to consciously employ higher laws and thus change the energetic setting.
  • helps you balance your feminine and masculine power so that you can maximize your life force. 

This book is currently being translated into English and Spanish. The expected release date is fall 2023 (Spanish) and spring 2024 (English). 

Je last | From a hard lesson to a driving force: transform your karma.

Book Je last

This book:

  • provides insight into karma, its origins and how it is expressed

  • is full of examples of karma situations and elaborations to make it concrete

  • contains healing exercises with which you can reduce your karma and (partially) heal the resulting load

The vivid examples give you an insight into what a healing is and what emerges during healing.

This book has just been launched in Dutch. We will start translating it at the end of the year. Reserve your copy. Get in touch

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