Spiritual Coaching

Sometimes you need a spiritual (business) coach who looks at the situation from a different angle. With a human and business view and from an energetical, analytical, and practical perspective. And who gives you tips and advice that will help you move forward. 

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When you hire a personal mentor or business coach, you want an expert to help you grow and avoid problems, not an expert by experience of the problem. Someone with a proven track record so you can trust that the tips and advice are constructive. 

"I have ample experience with large, complex transformation projects and mentoring teams and individuals along the way." View my LinkedIn profile. 

In addition, together with Jarno, I built Lead a Normal Life from scratch. In 3 years we:

  • 3 spiritual books written and published, Your Being is a bestseller
  • developed healings, programs and a training¬†
  • Plus all communication related to that, such as website, newsletters, community, socials and podcasts
  • And translated (almost) everything into English
  • We also emigrated to Spain¬†

So I know how to bring about change in a smooth and pleasant way, both personally and professionally. 

The 2-year Personal and Spiritual Leadership training includes several coaching sessions. I also teach several program elements of that training. More about the training