Healing Program Family

1 individual live session via Zoom and 3 on demand online sessions with healing  

You are largely shaped by your family. Not only through the upbringing you receive. Especially by family karma, roles and patterns within the family, and energy in the family line that is passed on from generation to generation. During this program we will work on this and resolve what is not part of your own life lessons. 

3 On Demand Sessions with Healing: Follow Them Whenever You Are Ready

1 Individual Live Session Specifically Focused on Your Family

The personal session consists of a healing focused on specific issues and concerns within your family that hinder you in your own life and in learning the life lessons you have. The session takes about 2 hours. 

Practical Information

  • For the individual healing we schedule an appointment. This session is in English.
  • The online sessions can be followed at your convenience. You will have access to an online environment. Although these sessions are in Dutch and you may not understand the explanation, the healing is just as effective. 
  • Price is 175 euro, incl. VAT.

Extra Option

It is also possible to follow this program together with family members. In that case, the individual session, is together with the participating family members. The price per additional family member is 65 euros, incl. VAT. 

Incorporated in Training Personal and Spiritual Leadership

The healing program Family is also incorporated into the 2-year Personal and Spiritual Leadership training. Read more about this training

What You Want | Workshop with Healing

During this workshop we will guide you to get to the essence of what you want and what it takes to achieve it. We will work energetically as well as analytically and practically with essential intentions, recalibrating your life to that and plotting your energetic campaign.

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Transformation of Your Life

With healings you can free yourself from obstructing (behavioral) patterns, beliefs and thoughts. It creates certain realizations in yourself, allowing you to look at situations from a different perspective and to see them differently. With this you clear the way for change. Then you have to actually do it. We are happy to help you with that. 

Business Transformation

Whether you have your own business, managerial position or want more direction in your own career. Many people work very hard physically to achieve something, without looking at the energetic side. While that is precisely how you bring about the big changes. Read more