Magic of Symbols and Rituals

An amulet or talisman; how can an object bring good luck, protect against danger, illness or misfortune? Or just the opposite? And what about rituals?

Everything is energy with its own consciousness and vibrational frequency. Energy is constantly being exchanged and a new energy field arises from the different energy fields; you resonate with it. This is between people, but also with the energy you surround yourself with. Like the place where you live and the stuff around you.

What Energy is Put into Them?

Objects radiate energy: the energy of the substance of the object itself, energy of the creation process, and the energy you put into it yourself. Everyone who contributes to the creation of the object puts energy into it. This can be joyful energy, for example if it is a passionately handmade product. But also negative energy, for example if it is made by someone who is being exploited.

Using Projections to Change Structure of Energy

Japanese professor Masaru Emoto showed with experiments that you can use thought power, words, and music to change the structure of water. This does not only apply to water, this applies to any vibrational frequency, both of natural life and products. Thoughts and emotions are (unconscious) projections on the object which affects the energy frequency of the object. Therefore, it is important to feel and experience what a product does for you. Some products, including stones, carry a lot of negative energy or energy that is not appropriate for you. Therefore, be critical with what you bring into your home or carry with you.

Programming an Object

With your thoughts and emotions, you can also very consciously add an energy to objects that are special to you. You add programming. In this way you create an amulet or talisman. By making a connection with the planet Uranus, you can add extra power to this. How you do this is explained in the book Your Being.

Creating with Your Thought Power

It is also possible to create with your thoughts: in that case we speak of intentions. These are not materialistic intentions, but essential intentions. Intentions that help you shape your life in a way that you want.

By setting a very clear goal for yourself, you can work toward realizing it. By setting out this intention energetically and activating metaphysical laws on it (such as the 'Law of Symbol' and 'Law of Correspondences') the symbol (namely the intention) becomes one with reality. How to do this can be read in the book boek Je wil.

Everything you give attention to grows, "Law of Attention" and "Law of Growth." Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. But also ideas you have and thought forms you create. So, if you have an intention and set it out daily, you give attention to this daily, keep your focus on your goal, and it grows naturally by the metaphysical laws working on it. This makes such rituals, like setting intentions, a powerful way to direct your life.

Impact of Rituals

In addition to the rituals you can do as an individual, such as doing exercises in the morning to get into your body, ground yourself , and shield your energy field, there are also ceremonies with group rituals. Its impact and effect on you as a person, or on what it is projected onto, depends on the magical consciousness of the group's participants and to what extent they know how to direct it. Whether narcotic or mind-altering substances are used during the ceremony or by participants. Plus any connection made with spirits and energies from outside the group. 

Curse or Blessing

Many people have a strong magical consciousness without realizing it. Their projections soon become curses that have a strong effect and can bother individuals for the rest of their lives. In addition, everyone is like a radio transmitter emitting a frequency through which energy flows. The lower the vibrational frequency, the more easily consciousness with a lower frequency can access th transmitter, and add negative energy to the whole through that person.

With (plant) medicines, alcohol, or drugs, you influence your own energy system and its protection. This makes you more vulnerable and susceptible to energies from others and other dimensions. 

When connection is made with the universe during a ceremony and spirits are invoked, there is a direct conduit of energy. We strongly discourage this practice. To ensure that the energy is that of a healingspirit, and not other intelligent beings posing as healingspirit, it is important to work with a healing space and learn your the connection through the Angels of the Higher Laws . 

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