Your Life Path, What is It, and How Do You Direct Its Unfolding?

Earth is a place of learning. You come to Earth with your life plan, corresponding karma and all the tools you need to achieve it. Your life plan contains calibration points, these are moments that are fixed and happen no matter what. The way to them is the life path you choose for yourself. 

Calibration Points in Your Life Plan

In your life, a number of moments are fixed. These are calibration points that happen no matter what. Birth is one of them. So is death. Calibration points have to do with the cycles of life, such as the 7-year cycle. Your life path is the way you move from one calibration point to another. And the way you learn your life lessons and whether or not you achieve life goals. 

Life Path is Constantly Changing

Your life path goes from one calibration point to another. What you encounter along the way are karma situations. How you deal with them is up to you: learn from them, ignore them or create extra karma. That is crucial for the rest of your path. Do you take responsibility for your own life, investigate the problem and solve it? Or do you endure it and hope it passes quickly? Your karma consists of energetic life lessons that keep coming back until they are closed or resolved. The effect of karma situations becomes stronger the more you do not deal with them. 

Which Path Do You Choose?

You have a bandwidth of life paths: the path of enlightenment and the path of darkness. The difference between tackling things and learning from joyful moments, or putting things away and eventually having to learn from miserable experiences. You can compare it to the saying: there are several roads that lead to Rome. Do you choose the smooth, pleasant journey or the journey with all kinds of obstacles and irritations?

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