With a healing you can free yourself from obstructive (behavioral) patterns, beliefs, and thoughts. It creates certain realizations in yourself, allowing you to look at situations with a different perspective and to see them differently. With this you clear the way for change. 

What Is a Healing and What Happens During a Healing?

A healing is a reprogramming of your energy system. With a healing you can:

  • release a lot of energy at once
  • neutralize projections (thoughts and opinions)
  • dissolve blockages and traumas
  • update your guides and life paths
  • getting your different bodies to work together again

Furthermore, a healing is the separation of energy. Energy that is not yours is neutralized and removed. The resulting empty spaces in your energy system are filled with your own energy, making you more you. As a result, your overall vibrational frequency gradually increases.

"My life is going great because of Jarno's healings"

Sam van den Haak: "I actually blocked my whole childhood and that started to bother me more and more. I was hoping that Jarno could help me with a healing so I could have a normal relationship with someone. It changed my life. I am now 'in the lead' through 'Lead a normal life.

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How Do I Know if a Healing Can Help Me?

Everyone carries redundant, non-own and false karma. In addition, many people also have a (heavily) contaminated energy system and chakra system.This causes things to go wrong in your life unnecessarily. Difficult, painful or annoying situations that are not necessary to learn your life lessons.

With a healing, you can ensure that you no longer have unnecessary negative situations coming your way because you are dissolving and healing this part within yourself. In addition, you can change the form of karmic situations and life lessons; learning by accepting instead of living through. Furthermore, healings are a means to gently free you from obstructive (behavioral) patterns, beliefs and thoughts. 

"I wanted to be even more in my power."

Myrna van Kemenade: "I wanted to be even more in my power. There are few people who are allowed to get into my energy field, but with Jarno it immediately felt genuine. He helps people reach their full potential."

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How Often a Healing?

How often you can do a healing depends on the type of healing you do and its impact. The advantage of regular healing is that you become more and more yourself, which makes you mentally stronger and more powerful. As a result, your vibrational frequency continues to rise.

What Types of Healing Are There?

Aura healing, chakra healing, family line healing, timeline healing, shaman healing. There are many healing techniques, healing spirits and magical tools to work with that will create a complete healing. Jarno masters all healing techniques and can connect to all healing spirits that support growth toward wholeness. So the type of healing depends on the goal you have. 

What Do You Experience During a Healing?

What you feel during a healing is person-dependent and varies from one healing to another. Some people get very tired, while others feel hot or cold. If it is a very intense healing (where many old, unnecessary wounds are healed) then you may have muscle aches or feel sluggish for a few days. This is not strange, when you undergo a physical surgery, you also need recovery time. The same applies to an energetic surgery (healing).

Can you give yourself a healing?

Yes, you can heal yourself to a certain degree! It is a misconception that things like connecting with healing spirits and seeing through timelines and dimensions is only destined for a few people who are chosen to do so. It is a technique that can be learned. More about healing yourself

By What Do I Recognize the Quality of a Healing?

It is important to realize that during a healing you are working with energy and that the healer is only the pass-through of the connection that is made. It is absolutely not done for the healer to process their own energy or life processes through it. 

You can compare a healing to surgery, but energetically. If you undergo surgery for your physical body, you want it done in a clean, safe space with tools designed for that purpose and surgeons who know what they are doing. The same is true for a healing. Again, it is important to do it in a protected space (healing space), with the right tooling (healing techniques), and the expertise needed to do it (healing spirits and angels).

To ensure that the energy is that of a healingspirit, and not other intelligent beings posing as healingspirit, it is important to work with a healing space and with the Angels of Higher Laws

A healing space is a safe space around you. Compare it to absolute privacy. It is a closed space where nothing can come through so that you can change your own inner processes without disturbing other people's processes. Everyone has their own life lessons and you don't want someone else to unintentionally enter your frequency of healing.   

Whether or not a healer can connect with healing spirits is determined by the level of consciousness of the healer and to what extent the healer has optimized his or her own energy system. This is a process of years. Jarno masters all healing techniques and can connect to all healing spirits that support growth toward wholeness.

"Jarno and Astrid helped me to find faith in myself again."

Ilonka Meijer: "In 2021 I lost my home, my business, and income, but most of all myself. I was always pleasing others so I no longer knew who I was and what I wanted. With depression as a result. With the help of Jarno and Astrid, I regained the way to myself and the strength and energy to go on the journey of a lifetime."

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A Remote Healing, Is it Possible and How Does it Work?

During a healing you work with energy, which has a vibrational frequency. And based on frequencies you can connect. So the effect of the healing is the same whether you are physically present or not.

Compare it to the telephone, you are not near each other, through the connection of energy within the network you can hear each other. The same goes for online encounters, like Zoom. The connection of energy allows you to see and hear each other, regardless of the physical distance between the participants. In a healing, this works the same. The effect of the healing is the same whether you are physically present or not.

When you are physically near each other, you make an energetic connection through the chakra system. The connection through chakras is necessary to be able to sense each other. Generally this happens unconsciously because people do not know it exists. We often measure relationships and friendships by how connected we feel to each other. In digital meeting, that connection is often missing. Because of the physical distance, you don't automatically make an energetic connection and miss that part of the communication. However, it is possible to connect with someone at a distance. During our sessions we ensure that a connection is made even at a distance.  

Watching a Healing Afterwards, Does it Have the Same Effect?

It makes no difference to the effect of our healings whether you participate in them at the time they take place or whether you watch them afterwards. The online sessions including healing contain activations. Once you watch these, it is activated in your system and that part in yourself will be healed. 

You have multiple bodies and each body is in a different dimension (reality), such as physical dimension here on Earth, astral dimension, etc. These dimensions and therefore bodies are timeless. Since you do not work on your physical body with a healing, but on your other bodies, this is also timeless. This means you can look at this physically at another time.

"If you are full, there is no room for anything new. Not in your head, not in your being, not in your life. That way, opportunities pass you by.

Let go of what no longer suits you. This is how you consciously create space. Space to fill with your own energy."

Various Healings

Online sessions with healings

We have several healings online. These are on demand. This means that you can follow them whenever you are ready. The online sessions with healing are always within a particular topic or theme, such as Dissolving Family Karma and Healing on Forces of Resistance. Everyone can participate. Only 12.50 euros per session. More about the online sessions, including healing

Individual Healings

During a 1-on-1 healing, Jarno attunes to you and based on that, he does a healing that is most appropriate for you and what may be resolved. This ranges from timeline healing, family line healing to healing on guilt, shame, and anxiety. He masters all the techniques, so often it's a combination of things. 

How long does a healing take and what does a healing cost?

The individual healing takes on average 2 hours, costs 150 euros (excl. crisis healing) and is via Zoom. Please inquire. Get in touch

Healing for Businesses

During a healing for businesses, we: 

  • neutralize projections and magical influences on the company
  • make sure that you and the consciousness of the company are back on the same page
  • optimize the life path of the company for the coming period.

More about a healing for businesses

Still a few spots healing program Who am I | Higher self

Feeling yourself welcome, acceptance of who you essentially are, and love for yourself. During this healing program you become more yourself. With the healings we remove non-own energy. You also learn to discover your authentic self, to distinguish between what is yours and what is not, and to act from your true self (your higher self). Through this you experience more peace and relaxation in yourself, and you give more direction to your life.

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April 12 & May 8 start training Personal and spiritual leadership course

Do you not want to keep moving with or be swallowed up by other people's energy, choices and emotions? But do you want to discover who you are and what you want, learn to stay true to yourself, make your own choices, and recognize and indicate your boundaries? Do you want to resolve things in yourself, so that you can grow and transform your life into the pleasant life you want? Join the Personal and Spiritual Leadership training.

There is limited space, sign up now.

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Spiritual Training and Healing Programs

Visit Our Energetic Garden

Visit our healing place in Linya. The visit consists of a healing or coaching session in our energetic garden, with force field. Before and after the healing you will have time to quietly experience the healing place, ask questions and let all the insights sink in. More about a visit to our healing place

Who We Are?

We are Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff

  • Astrid has ample experience with large, complex change processes within organizations and guiding teams and individuals in doing so. She does this from an energetic, analytical and practical approach. 
  • Jarno his talent is to bring people (through healings) back to their true selves so that they come into their own power. 

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Transformation of Your Life

With healings you can free yourself from obstructing (behavioral) patterns, beliefs and thoughts. It creates certain realizations in yourself, allowing you to look at situations from a different perspective and to see them differently. With this you clear the way for change. Next, though, is to actually make the transformation. During the training Personal and Spiritual Leadership we will guide you in this process. 

Business and Spirituality

Whether you have your own business, managerial position or want more direction in your own career. Many people work very hard physically to achieve something, without looking at the energetic side. While that is precisely how you bring about the big changes. 

Healing for Businesses

Projections, employees and customers are pushing your business in one direction. With a business healing, you steer it back in the right direction.

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Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching from an energetical, analytical and practical point of view. Look at your situation from a different perspective.

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Featured: Meditation Healings

"True insights and healing that will help you come into your own power and create your paradise on Earth."

On Demand Sessions with Healing: Follow Whenever You Are Ready

Forces of Resistance | Healing

If you have a belief in yourself that you don't want something or are resisting something, it comes right into your life. Often it becomes a resistance which creates blockages.

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"Be yourself, then it doesn't take energy to pretend to be different. People around you who don't accept you for who you are are not worth putting energy into. Tricky story when the persons are your parents. Less so when it's family. And even less so when it's the society you surround yourself with.

The longest stretch of your life, you live under your own responsibility. Take that responsibility when your environment prevents you from being yourself."