How Earth's Life Path affects Your Life Path

Like you, the Earth also has a consciousness and a bandwidth of life paths. Because of the transition of energy on Earth, the Earth's life path is also changing; we face a crossroads of life paths, so to speak. Which turn we take, and thus which life path we take, depends on the energy of our collective consciousness. When the energy of the collective consciousness contains a lot of fear, sadness, or tension, it becomes a lower life path than when the energy is joyful.

Earth's Life Path Determines Frameworks

The life path of the Earth ultimately determines the framework within which you as an individual can fill in your own life path . How does that work exactly? The path of life of the Earth and the energy that is released, makes that certain situations can or cannot arise, plans can or cannot succeed, and influences the overall atmosphere on Earth. 

Everyone is under the influence of this energy and is included in it. Under the influence of this energy, lifestyles arise that correspond to it and policies, procedures, and plans that match it. 

Collective Consciousness and Levels of Consciousness

There are two aspects that play an important role here:

  1. The collective consciousness of people in different locations on Earth
    The collective consciousness has a direct correlation with the location on Earth. The energy of what is happening or has happened at a location is present and influences the energy of the collective consciousness. For example, in places where there has been much fighting, the fear and struggle is still palpably present. As a result, there is no or less room for development. Compared to places where this is different, it seems like a completely different world and time.The difference in collective consciousness between one location and another, remains in place, regardless of the Earth life path we take. The energy of the specific place, does not change overnight, decades if not hundreds of years pass here. 

  2. Different Levels of Consciousness on Earth
    On Earth, people with different levels of consciousness, and therefore different energy frequencies, live together. As a result, it can be difficult to see what someone's intentions and meanings are. But also to understand how someone can do something you would never do. For example, oppressing, torturing, or killing someone. Recently, layers of consciousness have emerged that change this. You can read more about this in the article "How Come it's now Easier to Meet Like-Minded People?"‘.

Level of Consciousness Matching the Life Path

The life path that the Earth takes and the energy frequency that goes with it determine which level of consciousness is given the ideal conditions for developing lifestyles, directing policies, and successfully executing plans.

An illustrative example: within the highest life path of the Earth, plans for total oppression of the entire world population will have no chance of success. Whereas within a lower path of life, this is quite possible. As described, we are currently facing a crossroads. As it stands, we are closer to a lower life path than a higher life path. 

This example illustrates how the Earth's life path affects the course of your own life path, the situations that arise in your life, and the choices you can make for yourself. You can still live your highest life path, only the form in which this happens depends on the "frameworks" on Earth. 

Can You yourself Influence the Collective Consciousness? 

The collective consciousness is an energy field created by all energy fields within the collective. Also your energy field. By working on your own energy frequency, you have a positive contribution to the collective energy field. And more importantly, you yourself are less susceptible to outside influence. You can read more about this in the article "Raising vibrational frequency, what, why and how?".     

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