How Come it's now Easier to Meet Like-Minded People?

In September 2020, under the influence of the transition of energy, a change took place on Earth: layers of consciousness were created. These layers of consciousness stimulate you to focus more on your life lessons and therefore meet like-minded people.

Different Levels of Consciousness on Earth

On Earth, people with different levels of consciousness, and therefore different energy frequencies, live together. As a result, it can be difficult to see what someone's intentions and meanings are. But also to understand how someone can do something you would never do. For example, oppressing, torturing, or killing someone.

Arising Layers of Consciousness: Recognizing Like-Minded People

Layers of consciousness help you better understand the other person's level of consciousness and make it easier to meet like-minded people. People who are in the same layer of consciousness on a particular area; the area where you both want to learn a life lesson.

But it also becomes clearer if you don't have the same level of consciousness. Because of this, existing relationships change. For example, friendships that dilute because you view things differently. Partners who grow apart because you no longer want the same things in life. Or families in which conflicts arise because you really don't understand each other's choices.

When someone is in another layer of consciousness, that person really doesn't understand what you are talking about or what you mean. Not because that person does not want to, but because that person simply does not have the awareness to see it. Then know that this is because of this change and accept that. On the one hand you will lose connection with people you love (invisible grieving process), on the other hand there will be like-minded people with whom you can connect on a deeper level. 

More Focus on Your Goal

The arising of layers of consciousness means that you are less distracted by encounters and experiences that have nothing to do with your life lessons. It gives more focus on being engaged in your life lessons so that you can learn them and grow as a soul. 

Want to know more about your layers of consciousness in relation to your karma and life lessons? Then read the book Your Karma. It covers this in detail. 

What is Consciousness?

There is a difference between your consciousness and being conscious. It's about levels of consciousness and how conscious you go through life.

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