Collective Consciousness, What is that?

Everything that lives and grows has a consciousness that transmits information and experiences through energy. The collective consciousness is an energy field created by all energy fields within the collective. Your energy field as well. 

For example, when many people are around each other, a common energy field emerges from these different energy fields; the collective consciousness. In other words, what you interact with, you are contaminated by. So you have your own vibrational energy system as well as the resonance of systems of which you are (temporarily) a part.

Collective Consciousness of Systems

Everything is energy and has consciousness. So do systems, such as your family system, the company you work for, or the society you are a part of. All energy fields within the system create a new energy field and thus a collective consciousness. Within the collective consciousness there are beliefs.

What Influences the Collective Consciousness?

Location on Earth

Collective consciousness has a direct connection to the location on Earth. Among other things, this has to do with:

  • Earth radiation and energy lines
  • type of soil
  • history of the location
  • culture of the people (who have lived) in that area

The energy of what is happening or has happened at a location is present and influences the energy of the collective consciousness. For example, in places where there has been much fighting, the fear and struggle is still palpably present. As a result, there is no or less room for development. Compared to places where this is different, it seems like a completely different world and time.

Energy on Earth

On Earth a transition is taking place from earth energy to air energy. Where dimensions were previously separate, this is now diminishing. The dimensions become more perceptible. In this transition phase, the filters that every human being has around him or her gradually fall away, making more visible. Over time, this information also penetrates the collective consciousness. The interpretation of it and how you deal with it depends strongly on your location on Earth.

What Impact does the Collective Consciousness have on You?

Your energy system has a vibrational frequency. The same goes for everything you experience, everything you consume, and everything you surround yourself with. This can have a positive influence, but also a negative one. The higher the vibrational frequency of your own energy system is, the less you are affected by resonances of other systems. The lower your vibrational frequency, the more influence external energy has on you and your life.

Apart from that, you have beliefs within the collective consciousness. If a large group of people have a certain opinion about something, it is easier to assume that it is true. Thinking takes an awful lot of precious energy. Because of this, many people live on assumptions. If someone claims something, it must be true. The danger is that you become gullible and make choices that end up costing you more energy. Or causing you to not listen to your own intuition . If this happens often, you shut off your own inner knowing or feeling, becoming increasingly unaware. And you become more and more influenced by outside energy. The well-known negative spiral.

Detaching Yourself from the Energy of Collective Consciousness

You can break through this by working on your own vibrational frequency. Because the more you are in your own power, the less easily you can be influenced; the positive spiral. You can do this through the energetic exercises, and by consciously activating higher metaphysical laws and forces,

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What is Consciousness?

There is a difference between your consciousness and being conscious. It's about levels of consciousness and how conscious you go through life.

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