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"True insights and healing that will help you come into your own power and create your paradise on Earth."

For us, spirituality means working towards shining from the inside out. Really shining because you are happy with yourself, the relationships you have, and the things you do. You are living as it is meant for you. We are here to help you do that. Lead a normal life for personal and spiritual development. Find out more about spirituality


With a healing you can free yourself from obstructive (behavioral) patterns, beliefs, and thoughts. It creates certain realizations in yourself, allowing you to look at situations with a different perspective and to see them differently. With this you clear the way for change. All about a healing

Oct. 18 starts Personal and spiritual leadership training

Do you not want to keep moving with or be swallowed up by other people's energy, choices and emotions? But do you want to discover who you are and what you want, learn to stay true to yourself, make your own choices, and recognize and indicate your boundaries? Do you want to resolve things in yourself, so that you can grow and transform your life into the pleasant life you want? Join the Personal and Spiritual Leadership training.

There is limited space, sign up now.

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Still a few spots healing program Who am I | Higher self

Feeling yourself welcome, acceptance of who you essentially are, and love for yourself. During this healing program you become more yourself. With the healings we remove non-own energy. You also learn to discover your authentic self, to distinguish between what is yours and what is not, and to act from your true self (your higher self). Through this you experience more peace and relaxation in yourself, and you give more direction to your life.

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Your Being, from Your Being you have access to everything you need: come into your power | Spiritual book | Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff

Book Your Being

This book:

  • provides insight into all layers of your energy system, what affects it and how you yourself can influence it. Energetically as well as practically. 
  • contains exercises to get rid of energy that doesn't belong to you, and to shield your energy field. 
  • is full of tips on how to lift your energy system to a higher frequency so that you will be in your power, energized, and better able to direct your life.
Your Beliefs | Do you truly believe that activating metaphysical laws will enrich your life? Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff.

Book Your Beliefs

This book: 

  • provides insight into the hierarchy and operation of 42 metaphysical laws and forces.
  • contains exercises so that you learn to consciously activate higher laws to change the energetic setting of your life.
  • helps you balance your feminine and masculine power so that you can maximize your life force. 
Astrid van Pluuren in Jorn Luka's The Trueman Show

Jorn Luka: "The book Your Being brings you closer to your core through a good story and very practical tips. Because the closer you are to your core, the less easy you are to manipulate, the less you live in fear, the more you live from confidence and the easier you will find your real life goals. From there, it becomes much easier to manifest those goals. And that comes in handy, because how best to get that done is described in the book Your Beliefs."

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Your Karma | From a hard lesson to a driving force: transform Your Karma. Spiritual book by Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff

Book Your Karma

This book:

  • provides insight into karma, its origins and how it is expressed.
  • is full of examples of karmic situations for clarification.
  • contains healing exercises that enable you to reduce your karma and (partially) heal the resulting burden.

The vivid examples give you an insight into what a healing is and what emerges during healing.

Spiritual (Business) Coach

Do you need a spiritual business coach who reviews your business or situation from an energetical, analytical, and practical perspective? 

Our Vision

Because of the transition of energy the world is changing rapidly. People talk a lot about "a new world." What does that actually mean, what does it involve, and what does it look like? Our vision for the new world can be captured in 1 sentence: "Revive the Power of Your Nature." 

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Forces of Resistance | Healing

If you have a belief in yourself that you don't want something or are resisting something, it comes right into your life. Often it becomes a resistance which creates blockages.

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"Something can appear different than it really is. What you see is not the only truth. Look beyond to avoid limiting yourself."

OERsterk podcast Richard de Leth with Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff | Illness often arises not in the physical body but in other bodies of yours that have a problem

In the studio of OERsterk, we have a fun conversation with Richard de Leth about health as seen from the perspective of energetic fitness.

Check out the OERsterk podcast (it's in dutch) 


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It's not a mystery, it's the miracle called life creating magical moments.

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