"I wanted to be even more in my power."

WhoMyrna van Kemenade, founder of Yogadreams

What1-on-1 healing journey

Why"Jarno encourages and helps people to use their full potential. That appealed to me. He also points you to things you may not have seen before or couldn't reach yet."

"There are very few people who are allowed to enter my energy field, but with Jarno it immediately felt genuine."

Energetic Cleansing

Burnout or passing yourself by? It happens to a lot of people, but not Myrna van Kemenade. Ever since she was young, she has successfully followed her feelings. "That's why very few people are allowed into my energy field," she emphasizes, "but with Jarno it immediately felt genuine. I see it as an energetic purification."

During her dance career, Myrna came into contact with yoga in Thailand, and immediately knew: I want to share this with as many people as possible. She started Yogadreams in Zaandam. "Many people start yoga to solve something. I myself have never felt that way. For me, yoga is about following your heart, your intuition, doing what really comes from within. And I've actually been doing that since childhood. When I met Jarno, he confirmed that.

Down-to-Earth View of Spirituality

It clicked immediately between us. We are in the same way in life and have a down-to-earth view of spirituality. I was not looking for a solution to a problem, but by talking to each other and exchanging things, I thought: there are few people who can enter my energy field, but with you I dare to do that. I am very careful about that.

Energetic Cleansing

During the first healing I literally felt energy going in and I had never had that before. I felt that it was good. My main goal was: to become even more in my power. Jarno encourages and helps people to come into their own. That appealed to me. He also points out things you may not have seen or been able to achieve before.

I am divorced, have an adolescent daughter, and a business. Of course I unconsciously carry things with me. Jarno can easily go there energetically. I can't name specific things. I did have some lines from the past or triggers that needed to get out. After the healing, I felt like I was generally cleaned up. I think of it as an energetic cleansing.

Setting Intentions

I then followed 3 more healings to take a step into a new direction of spirituality. I want to use it more consciously for myself and for my business. It is a confirmation of a world I don't see myself, but I do feel. Jarno calls it inner knowing. He teaches me that I can do more with my energy field. I also have a guide who is beside me and I can ask him for help in a more focused way instead of letting it arise, as I did before.

"Jarno is teaching me that I can do more with my energy. I also have a guide that I can ask for help in a more focused way instead of letting it arise."

I've always believed that what you feel inside radiates outward and reflects that. And that's how it comes back to you. I've made intentions that way my whole life, but I'm learning now that I can expand it for my business. Yogadreams is located in a former orphanage and our building feels like a second home. I want to offer people warmth here, a place where they can be themselves. Most people visualize their dreams and think in images. In the end, it's about what you want to experience, then you let go of a tightly defined outcome.

High Blood Pressure

My daughter Amy also went to a healing with me once. She promptly suffered from high blood pressure after the corona vaccination. The family doctor confirmed that. She just couldn't get a heart screening and then you're back on the street with your symptoms. Jarno gave Amy a healing. After that it was worse at first until it was gone after a week. We were both relieved and overjoyed. Actually, with Jarno and Astrid, I have two more friends to whom I can go on an energetic level."

"I wanted to be even more in my power."

Myrna van Kemenade: "I wanted to be even more in my power. There are few people who are allowed to get into my energy field, but with Jarno it immediately felt genuine. He helps people reach their full potential."

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"Jarno's healing helped me release blockages."

Nienke Gottenbos: "I struggled with relationships, was able to recognize and acknowledge the problem, but did not manage to solve it. Afterwards, it turned out that I was carrying my great-grandmother's energy with me and had to give that back to move forward myself."

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"My life is going great because of Jarno's healings"

Sam van den Haak: "I actually blocked my whole childhood and that started to bother me more and more. I was hoping that Jarno could help me with a healing so I could have a normal relationship with someone. It changed my life. I am now 'in the lead' through 'Lead a normal life.

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"Jarno and Astrid helped me to find faith in myself again."

Ilonka Meijer: "In 2021 I lost my home, my business, and income, but most of all myself. I was always pleasing others so I no longer knew who I was and what I wanted. With depression as a result. With the help of Jarno and Astrid, I regained the way to myself and the strength and energy to go on the journey of a lifetime."

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