"The confirmation of why I am here and what my gift is gives peace of mind."

Who: Sijbe Bonsma, founder Big five for live Netherlands

What: healing programs and spiritual training

Why: "I noticed I was back in my head more and relying less on things going well."

"Jarno is a great master of spirituality. I would like to learn more from him and apply that in my own life and work. "

Desire to Grow Spiritually

'Think consciously about what you want and live by it.' Not only is it Sijbe Bonsma's life motto, he built the 'Big five for life' in the Netherlands on. Every day he helps people come into their power. "You have to keep putting effort into that," he says. And he makes that effort. "I have a desire to continue to grow spiritually." Together with his wife, he followed multiple healing programs.

Every day Sijbe, with his company "Big five for Life," helps people find their 5 most important goals and the reason for their existence. You may have to give up things to do the very thing you love most, but that's what life is all about," according to Sijbe. "That's what makes you most happy. And then the right people come to help you. That's what I believe in. That's also how Jarno came our way."

Removing Blockages

"During the first healing session with Jarno, I watched with my mouth open. I immediately realized that there is so much more around us and within us. Jarno can remove certain blockages in you and clarify things. I have always lived from my feelings and have been involved with spirituality for a long time. It started years ago with Reiki. I have learned and done a lot on the spiritual plane. Lately I had the feeling that I was standing still.


"Jarno can remove blockages from you and clarify things."

I noticed that I was back in my head more and trusting less in how things turned out. By following the programs, I learned a lot and got confirmation for myself. Jarno has given my reason for being even more perspective, what my own energetic gift is and what I am allowed to bring. That gives a lot of confidence and peace of mind.

In addition, he made me experience the importance of shielding my energy field. My chakras were always open to everyone's energy. This caused me to receive and process a lot of energy from others. Also negative energy. Because of Jarno's healings and the exercises I have learned, I can now shield my energy well and at the same time open myself up better to others if I want to."

Heart-to-Heart Connection

"At 'Big five for Life,' I also often encounter people who are stuck in their thoughts. I always say: put your head in the refrigerator and your heart on the table. That way, themes and patterns quickly emerge, and heart desires become clear.

It happens regularly during a training session that I connect with someone on a deeper level, I call it a heart-to-heart connection. After the training with Jarno, I notice that this has gained further depth, as it did the other day. It is difficult to recount. It was almost as if I could look inside the person. By really tuning into the person and situation, I got through what was going on and what questions I needed to ask. Very special."

Grand Master of Spirituality

"I also recommend it to other people to engage energetically. Jarno is a great master of spirituality. I would like to learn more from him and apply that in my own life and work. I feel like growing further spiritually this way."

"I wanted to be even more in my power."

Myrna van Kemenade: "I wanted to be even more in my power. There are few people who are allowed to get into my energy field, but with Jarno it immediately felt genuine. He helps people reach their full potential."

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"Jarno's healing helped me release blockages."

Nienke Gottenbos: "I struggled with relationships, was able to recognize and acknowledge the problem, but did not manage to solve it. Afterwards, it turned out that I was carrying my great-grandmother's energy with me and had to give that back to move forward myself."

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"My life is going great because of Jarno's healings"

Sam van den Haak: "I actually blocked my whole childhood and that started to bother me more and more. I was hoping that Jarno could help me with a healing so I could have a normal relationship with someone. It changed my life. I am now 'in the lead' through 'Lead a normal life.

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"Jarno and Astrid helped me to find faith in myself again."

Ilonka Meijer: "In 2021 I lost my home, my business, and income, but most of all myself. I was always pleasing others so I no longer knew who I was and what I wanted. With depression as a result. With the help of Jarno and Astrid, I regained the way to myself and the strength and energy to go on the journey of a lifetime."

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Do you want to develop yourself like Marlène, Myrna, Sybe, Nienke, Rob, Sam and Ilonka?

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