Here and Now | Being Present in Your Body

With the energetic exercise Here and Now you learn to be completely present in your body. You need this in order to be grounded and live more consciously.

The Here and Now exercise consists of consciously greeting the different body parts. Go with attention to the body part that you are greeting. 

  • Hello left foot, hello right foot. 
  • Hello left ankle, hello right ankle.
  • Hello lower left leg, hello lower right leg.
  • Hello left knee, hello right knee.
  • Hello upper left leg, hello upper right leg.
  • Hello left hip, hello right hip.
  • Hello lower abdomen, hello lower back.
  • Hello chest, hello upper back.
  • Hello left shoulder, hello right shoulder.
  • Hello left upper arm, hello right upper arm.
  • Hello left elbow, hello right elbow.
  • Hello left forearm, hello right forearm.
  • Hello left wrist, hello right wrist.
  • Hello left hand, hello right hand.
  • Hello throat, hello neck.
  • Hello head, mouth, nose, eyes, ears.
  • Hello [your own name] how nice that you are here.

If during the energetic exercise Here and Now you forget where you left off, start again. Over time, the exercise becomes easier and easier. Do you notice that it is effortless? Then just pay attention to your body parts or speak the intention "activate all my body parts" in your mind.  

Do You Get Nervous, Anxious, or Tense from the Here and Now Exercise?

This indicates that you do not currently have a good connection and relationship with your own body. This may be because you never fully entered your body or because you literally fled from your body to make the situation bearable. 

When you are born, you are not yet fully in your body. You have yet to ground yourself. In your first years of life, you do this through your parents or caregivers. You automatically adopt their way. When they themselves are not properly grounded, you have not learned this either. In addition, grounding through your parents or caregivers can be frightening. For example, if physical or mental violence is used against you, or if you do not feel comfortable in the family in which you are growing up. In that case, you don't fully come into your body.

It may also be that later in life you flee from the situation you are in. Then, too, you are no longer in your body. Blockages and traumas can cause you (unconsciously) to lack the confidence to return.

The Here and Now exercise can help you build a (new) trusting relationship with your body. When you repeatedly experience anxiety, stress, or hyperventilation, it is advisable to undergo healings so that you gently dissolve the blockages and traumas within yourself.  

This Exercise is Part of a Series of Exercises

The exercise Here and Now, is the first in a series of exercises that help you to be completely present in your body, to be grounded, to face the day with focus and overview and to stay with your own energy. 

Do you not only want to do the exercises, but also get rid of obstructive (behavioral) patterns, beliefs and thoughts? Then follow one of the spiritual trainings or healing programs. These will give you the necessary insights and through healings help you to gently dissolve these obstacles and blockages.  

Would you like more background information about the energetic exercises and know exactly how it works energetically? Then read our books. 

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