Grounding | Always, Everywhere, Instantly

Grounding has almost the same function as breathing; supply of fresh energy and removal of used energy. With breathing you do that in your physical body. Grounding is done in your subtle physical body. You need a good grounding to be able to handle daily situations well. 

Connection With the Earth

The energetic exercise Grounding helps you to be able to ground instantly anywhere, anytime. By grounding you make a connection with another consciousness. Proper grounding is the connection of your consciousness with the consciousness of the Earth. You want to be grounded; after all, you live on the Earth. 

A common misconception about grounding is visualizing tree roots in the earth. You are not a tree, you are a human being. You want to be grounded, not rooted. Roots shoot in all directions, what are you connecting yourself to? Grounding is for your subtle physical body and not for your physical body, you are already with both feet on the Earth. 

  1. Make sure you are completely present in your body ( through the energetic exercise Here and now). 
  2. (Close your eyes) make a connection with the Pyramid of the Roses. You do this by just saying it; it doesn't matter if you can't visualize it for yourself. It is the intention that counts. 
  3. Bring forward a hello rose. Again, you do this by saying it.  
  4. Send the hello rose to the higher consciousness of the earth. In response you will receive a hello rose back from the higher consciousness of the earth. The connection between the roses is established. 
  5. As soon as you leave your body, the connection comes to a low level. This is, for example, when you go to sleep or daydream and go into your astral body or metaphysical body. So this means that you also need to re-ground regularly throughout the day.

When You Are Unable to Ground

To properly ground with the higher consciousness of the earth, it is important that you are completely present in your body and all your bodies, are centered and connected. Only then will you have optimal grounding.

When you are not completely in your body, it can block good grounding. You notice this by, for example, hyperventilating or panicking.

In that case, you will first have to come completely present in your body by resolving the trauma that is preventing you from grounding properly. For this you can undergo a healing.

This Exercise is Part of a Series of Exercises

The energetic exercise Grounding, is the second in a series of exercises that help you to be completely present in your body, to be grounded, to face the day with focus and overview and to stay with your own energy. 

Do you not only want to do the exercises, but also get rid of obstructive (behavioral) patterns, beliefs and thoughts? Then follow one of the spiritual trainings or healing programs. These will give you the necessary insights and through healings help you to gently dissolve these obstacles and blockages.  

Would you like more background information about the energetic exercises and know exactly how it works energetically? Then read our books. 

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