Healing for Businesses

With a business healing you cleanse your business energetically and put it back in the right direction. It is advisable to do this regularly. Not only for your business, but also for yourself. 

Consciousness and Center of Gravity of the Company

As described in our book Your Beliefs a company has its own consciousness and center of gravity. Projections (thoughts and opinions of others on the company), employees and customers direct the company in a certain direction.

Relationship Energy Company and Founder

A company's energy has a direct connection with the founder's energy. Because it is created from the creative and manifesting energy of that person. This means that if there are many (negative) projections on the company, this automatically has a (negative) influence on you. Which manifests itself in physical or mental complaints, for example. 

So when you have your own business, it is important to regularly look at the energies that are affecting your business to see if that fits with the ideals and beliefs with which you founded the business and the intentions you have for your business.   

What Are We Going To Do?

During a healing for businesses, we: 

  • neutralize projections and magical influences on the company
  • make sure that you and the consciousness of the company are back on the same page
  • optimize the life path of the company for the coming period and that of the founders or current owners.

Practical Information

  • A company healing takes about 2 hours and is via Zoom.  
  • The price is 300 euro.

Leading and Healing

The corporate healing is done together and consists of 2 parts:

  • Part 1: while Astrid leads the session to get to the heart of the matter for growth, in the background Jarno does the healing needed to remove blockages, magical influences, etc.
  • Part 2: setting intention for growth and through healing optimizing life paths for this. 

Lead to Change

Whether you have your own business, managerial position or want more direction in your own career. Many people work very hard physically to achieve something, without looking at the energetic side. While that is precisely how you bring about the big changes. More about Lead to Change