Visit Healing Place Linya

Come visit Linya. The visit consists of a healing or coaching session in our energetic garden with force field


Depending on what you want to work on, you choose for 1-on-1 healing, healing together with your partner or healing for the whole family. 

During the healing Jarno will tune in to you and based on that he will do a healing that is most appropriate to what needs to be resolved. This ranges from timeline healing, family line healing to healing on guilt, shame, fear. He masters all the techniques, so often it is a combination of things. Generally the healing takes 2 hours.


Do you feel the need for a sparring partner who looks at your situation from an analytical, business and energetic perspective? Then choose for a coaching session with Astrid.

Astrid sees through situations, asks the right questions, and gets to the heart of the matter. By clarifying and expressing that, she gives you the knowledge, insights, and inspirations you need to move forward. Both personally and professonally. 

Stay in Energetic Garden with Force Field

Jarno works with his healings on the bodies at the soul level. This works on all other bodies. When you are in the energetic garden with force field during and after the healing, the effect is accelerated and more natural. In this way it reinforces each other. 

The visit consists of half a day. Before and after the healing or coaching you have time to experience the healing place in peace, ask questions and let everything sink in. You can also measure the Bovis value, if you like. 

All You Need to Know About a Visit

Come alone, with your partner, family or friends. Even if you choose a 1-on-1 healing, your travel companions can come along to the energetic garden. You (and your companions) are the only visitors at that time. 

✅ Magnificent views of the Pyrenees 
👌 Coffee, tea, water and some treats included
❤️ Suitable for all

The price is 250 euros per half-day session.  

If you want more than one healing (for example you and your partner both want a 1-on-1 healing) it is possible to do more healings in one period of time or to book more than one session. Please inquire about the possibilities. 

Combine With a (Short) Vacation

There are plenty of activities and tourist attractions near Linya. We highlight some of them:

Boy and girl hanging from a cable car in a climbing forest a 50-minute drive from Linya.

Adventure Sports

From swimming, canoeing, rafting and water skiing to bungee jumping, climbing and go-karting. It's all possible in the Linya area.

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Winter Sports

Just a 50-minute drive from Linya is the Port del Comte ski resort. There you can ski, snowboard, cross-country ski and even do a tour with husky dogs. 

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Photo with furnished tent from Forest days glamping 15 minutes from Linya.


Near Linya, there are plenty of lodging options. From campsites and RV parks to hotels and apartments.

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