Crisis Healing

Crisis healings have an enormous impact. Both on the person undergoing the healing and the healer himself. That is why we charge double the rate for this. 

When Is It a Crisis Healing?

In some cases there is urgency because the person is panicking, but it can be solved with a relatively 'simple' healing. For us, these are not crisis healings. So it is not related to any urgency.

For us it is a crisis healing if the person in question is in the grip by one or more intense, dark energies and 'metaphysical surgery' is needed during the healing.   

Why a Different Rate for a Crisis Healing?

These are very heavy healings in which the healer himself goes into the darkness to free the person from it. The images and insights that emerge make quite an impact. In addition, these healings require a lot of concentration and energy. In short, Jarno himself has to recover from these healings. 

"Ordinary" healings

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