Jarno Tiethoff | Healer and Energetic Expert

"I had always been extremely well developed intuitively. When I was in my early 20s, I apprenticed with an American teacher who taught me all the high magic techniques from the old Mystery Schools. 

I now have more than 20 years of healing experience, master all hermetic techniques and can connect with all healing spirits that support growth toward wholeness." 

This means that during healings Jarno connects with the healing spirit that is most appropriate for the person and his or her own life process. Jarno uses his talents to bring people back to their true selves so that they can stand in their own power.

Let your life be a wonderful experience by taking the road of happiness.

This can sometimes be quite difficult when you don't know what your path is. From an early age you are asked. What do you want to be when you grow up. And actually, this answer is the same for everyone.... Happy.

Yet we often respond with a profession that provides security or a certain role that is socially accepted. The dreams that are not pursued because of the uncertainty of finances or other doomsday scenarios that stand in the way of independence soon dissipate over the years.

Your happiness is not going to be found on someone else's path. Don't look too much at someone else's path. Then you will become disoriented. Simply for the fact that each has a different route to encounter personal happiness.

The word independent says it all - stand on your own. Perhaps at first glance the path of most resistance. This takes courage. But once you find that courage, finding your own way is child's play.

Walk toward happiness and enjoy the beautiful moments in your life along the way."