More Leadership in Your Work

By growing personally, you grow in your work. Whether you are in a leadership position or not, many of the situations you encounter in your work have to do with beliefs, blockages, and energetic ceilings. By resolving this energetically, you break through the physical obstacle or situation.  

Personal Development

There are numerous (business) courses and trainings in which you can learn all kinds of skills. Very useful. However, if you do not tackle the energetic cause, it will keep coming back.

An example: if you have a managerial position or if you frequently give presentations while you have filters that prevent you from being heard or seen , you can learn all kinds of advisory or conversation techniques, but you will never be able to speak as powerfully as when you do not have these filters. 

Through a healing you can work on the cause of specific situations. We also have various healing programs that focus on empowering you. 

Team Development

The energy in a team is partly determined by the:  

  • energy of each team member
  • mutual energy fed by karmic connections
  • projections on the team 
  • contacts that team members have, for example with customers
  • energy of the company

Do you want to improve the mutual atmosphere, optimize cooperation, or increase performance? Then look at the energy of the team and start working on it. 

Lead to Change

Whether you have your own business, managerial position or want more direction in your own career. Many people work very hard physically to achieve something, without looking at the energetic side. While that is precisely how you bring about the big changes. More about Lead to Change