Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual leadership is characterized by sensing what is needed, knowing whether or not to do something, and waiting for the right moment to seize your opportunities. For us, spiritual leadership is leading and directing from your intuition.

To yourself and the course of your own life, in dealing with the people around you, and to the people with whom you work when you have a leadership position or role. We therefore see spiritual leadership as an extension of personal leadership. An extension that will take on an increasingly prominent role as more and more people awaken spiritually and develop spiritually.

Spiritually Leading the Unfolding of Your Own Life

True leaders lead by example themselves. Therefore, in order to demonstrate and live out spiritual leadership, it is essential to apply spiritual leadership to your own life.

For us, spirituality means working toward making you shine from the inside out. Because you are happy with yourself, the relationships you have, and the things you do. You are living as it is meant for you and you radiate that. You have a radiant aura when you live from your own wisdom; your intuition, and address and resolve the things that hinder that. Read more about our vision on spirituality

By your own wisdom we mean the wisdom that lies at a deeper level within yourself, knowing how you are energetically put together, how you recognize signals and hints from your guides, and which metaphysical (spiritual) laws you can use in which situation. You can develop access to your own wisdom. We have developed the Personal and Spiritual Leadership training especially for this purpose.

"True insights and healing that will help you come into your own power and create your paradise on Earth."

Once you can direct your own life with the help of spirituality, you are able to inspire others to do the same. People close to you, as well as colleagues and employees.

Spiritual Leadership within Companies and Organizations

For spiritual leadership to reach its full potential, it requires trust and autonomy. Working from your intuition means, among other things:

  • not underpinning everything with facts and figures
  • not everything can be fixed and planned
  • the way something takes shape is not fixed

It is a feeling or inner knowing that co-determines decision-making, when is the right time to take something up and what is the best way to do it. 

"It's about focus: having goals in mind, setting intentions and creating situations in which it can manifest."

It's by no means implied that intuitive work is all non-committal where nothing is fixed at all or where you can't direct anything. On the contrary, it is all about focus: having goals in mind, setting intentions and creating situations in which it can manifest.

Working together on this. In which there is a wealth of personal wisdom stored in everyone. It is up to the spiritual leader to bring this to the surface and unlock it in each employee. So that synergy and 'magic' is created.  

Personal and Spiritual Leadership Training

We offer a 2-year Personal and Spiritual Leadership training. During this training: 

  • You undergo healings to free yourself from obstructive (thought) patterns and blockages, and to come into your own power. 
  • You develop your intuition, authenticity, and autonomy. Plus your expression of it. 
  • Learn to develop your intuitive goals and set powerful intentions. 

Spiritual Awakening

In spiritual awakening you come to realize that there is more than what you see physically on Earth. You ask yourself why you are here on Earth.

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Living Spiritually

Living spiritually means trusting your feelings or inner knowing, but also knowing how you operate energetically and how to fully utilize it.

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Spiritual Books

Your core, from your core you have access to everything you need: come into your power | Spiritual book | Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff

Book Je zijn

This book:

  • provides insight into all layers of your energy system, what influences it and how you can influence it. Both energetically and practically. 
  • contains exercises to get rid of energy that is not yours and to shield your energy field. 
  • is full of tips on how to raise your energy system to a higher frequency.

This book is currently being translated into English and Spanish. The expected release date is fall 2023. 

Je wil | Get what you want with the help of metaphysical laws and forces. Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff.

Book Je wil

This book: 

  • provides insight into the hierarchy and operation of 42 metaphysical laws and forces.
  • contains exercises so that you learn to consciously employ higher laws and thus change the energetic setting.
  • helps you balance your feminine and masculine power so that you can maximize your life force. 

This book is currently being translated into English and Spanish. The expected release date is fall 2023 (Spanish) and spring 2024 (English). 

Je last | From a hard lesson to a driving force: transform your karma.

Book Je last

This book:

  • provides insight into karma, its origins and how it is expressed

  • is full of examples of karma situations and elaborations to make it concrete

  • contains healing exercises with which you can reduce your karma and (partially) heal the resulting load

The vivid examples give you an insight into what a healing is and what emerges during healing.

This book has just been launched in Dutch. We will start translating it at the end of the year. Reserve your copy. Get in touch

All About:

Personal and Spiritual Development

What You Want | Workshop with Healing

During this workshop we will guide you to get to the essence of what you want and what it takes to achieve it. We will work energetically as well as analytically and practically with essential intentions, recalibrating your life to that and plotting your energetic campaign.

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"It is not a mystery, it is the miracle called life through which magical moments occur."