Your Soul

Your soul is your true self, and this is a part of your higher self. Your soul has the level of consciousness appropriate for your soul mission; to fulfill your life plan.

What Is Your Soul?

Your soul is your true self, and this is a part of your higher selfWe all have a physical body. This body is necessary to manifest on Earth. That does not mean that we are all the same on a soul level. 

One soul has been on Earth many times and is familiar with how things are here (earthly souls). The other soul frequently resides in other places in the Universe and has more difficulty with earthly life (cosmic souls). 

The book  Your Being contains an exercise to test whether you have an earthly or cosmic soul. 

Your Soul's Level of Consciousness

One soul has the level of consciousness of a guru while the other soul has the level of consciousness of a student. This indicates what you can potentially achieve. That, by the way, says nothing about whether you actually do, for that has to do with how consciously you live your life on Earth. 

Your soul has been given the level of consciousness necessary for your soul mission: to fulfill your life plan. Within the consciousness level of your soul, you have different levels of consciousness in different areas of life, such as your self-image, your relationships and your work. This has to do with the life lessons you want to learn in specific life areas. The level of consciousness in specific life areas is related to the karmic role you fulfill in that area.

Does Everyone Have One Soul?

Normally every body has at least 1 soul; this is your birth soul. Your life plan contains soul agreements. During your life on Earth, additional souls may enter the body, or take the place of the birth soul. 

Many people have multiple souls, often without even knowing it. You can think of it as multiple souls working together under the leadership of 1 soul to accomplish your soul mission. 

If another soul takes the place of your birth soul, we are talking about a "walk-in. That means there is a soul agreement to switch places at a certain age. The birth soul is finished on Earth and hands the body over to the other soul to manifest on Earth. 

On a physical level, this often manifests itself in someone having a stroke, cerebral infarction, or heart attack, for example. And behaves like a completely different person afterwards. On a soul level, it is also a different soul, only the physical body looks the same, making people think it is the same person. 

It says deliberately normally every body has at least 1 soul. There are exceptional situations where the body lives on soullessly. This is when the body is so degraded that the soul no longer recognizes it as its own. 

In that case, the soul can leave the body without the person physically dying. Empty spaces are always filled. Similarly in this case. If the soul leaves the body while the body lives on, the body is taken over by other energies and intelligence forms, such as entities. 

What Happens to Your Soul When You Die?

When you die, your current physical life on Earth ends. What happens to your soul after that depends on whether you still have karma, through which chakra you leave the body, and the moment of death. 

Through Which Chakra Does Your Soul Leave the Body?

Some people say that this is their last life on Earth. This is only possible when you leave your body through your 12th chakra and have dissolved all karma then you are free to go to where you came from (your own alignment) for a new 'purpose/mission'. This is only feasible if you have a certain level of consciousness.

Most people have not yet reached this stage. People who have reached it are often recognized as old souls.

When you leave your body through a chakra other than the 12th, you must return to Earth. This is because you remain connected to your operating system (main chakras). 

"Just because you don't go back to where you came from, doesn't mean you aren’t connected with it. Both during your life and during your intermediate life, you are connected with it and can draw insights and strength from it. It is the foundation from which your unique source forms."

Reincarnation of the Soul

On average, it takes 7 (earthly) years to reincarnate. After you die, it takes an average of seven (earthly) years for you to reincarnate. This period is necessary to detach from the lived life, to learn in the universe, and to prepare for another life. This period is also called an intermediate life. 

During this period, the filters you had during your life on Earth fall away from you. This means that at the beginning of your intermediate life, you are still in the mind of the person's thought, but you see through the influence that caused you not to see everything clearly. You are thus looking back on your life on Earth from a larger perspective. 

There are many souls who realize what they have done to another and promise themselves never to do such a thing again, or that they will make it right. In doing so, these souls create beliefs within themselves that they carry with them into another life. In the form of karmic commitments.  

Once you reincarnate, only your physical body is new; you take the rest of your energy system with you again. All your knowledge, skills, and experiences from other lives is therefore stored in your life aura.

Moment of Death: at the Right Time, Too Early or Too Late

The moment of death is principally fixed. It is one of the reference points in your life plan. In the Modern world, we often find death difficult to accept and do everything we can to postpone it, for example through a medical process. 

Because of this, it is possible that you "survive" the moment of death. In that case, you are alive, but there is no longer life in your life. Your timeline contains no new events for development or growth. Only new moments for dying. Whereby you sit it out alive, so to speak, until you are allowed to die. From yourself or your loved ones.

If the time of death is brought forward, there are 2 options, depending on the cause of early death:

  • If it is due to your own doing, you are stuck with the timeline of your life plan going forward. You have to bide your time, so to speak. You do not immediately start an intermediate life, but first remain in the astral dimension, often in ignorance because the filters do not fall off you. This does not happen until the "normal moment" of death (and in some cases not at all which causes these souls to continue "wandering" until someone shows them the way). 
  • If it is due to a "mistake of the Universe," then your higher consciousness intervenes and retroactively adjusts the timeline so that it stops earlier, the filters still fall off you, and you can start the intermediate life "early.

If people die too early, in most cases it is due (unconsciously) to their own actions. Think, for example, of allowing destruction into their lives, living a sickening life, or taking their own life. 

Soulmates, Do I Know You?

We all have soul contracts, agreements with souls from other lives that we meet again in this life. You probably recognize this: you know someone very briefly, but you feel as if you have known each other for years. Immediately there is a deep connection, mutual trust, sensing each other.

The great thing is, the transition to air energy makes it easier to find each other. And to meet like-minded people.

"To maintain healthy relationships with others, your work, etc., you first need a healthy relationship with yourself.

Let go of relationships that don't do the relationship with yourself any good. When you radiate health, you are audible to others who do the same and pick up your signal. Know that you are heard and that you are the one who determines what you call out and that attracts you.

You may be alone for a while because the distance you have to cross is great. But, one day you are no longer alone. Then you build a healthy relationship with yourself and others."

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