What about Reincarnation and Multiple Lives?

Death is nothing more than letting go of your physical body, which you need to live on Earth. After you die, it takes an average of 7 (earthly) years before you reincarnate; start another life. Time as we know it exists only in the physical dimension on Earth, this is why you live all your lives at once. How that works, you will read in this article.

Your Present Life

From your 12th chakra the energy flows to the 11th, 10th, 9th up to your 1st chakra from where it can connect to the consciousness of the Earth through grounding. This is the natural flow of manifestation (birth). The first inhalation. This also means that you have a final exhalation. The natural flow of letting go (death). This is the disconnection of consciousness from the earth to then withdraw the energy from your 1st chakra to go through the gateway of your 12th chakra. These are the 2 two extremes. Everything in between is this life.


After your death, it takes an average of 7 (earthly) years for you to reincarnate. This period is necessary to detach from the lived life, learn in the universe, and prepare for the next life; in the 2 years prior to rebirth, your higher consciousness (your true self) writes your life plan. 

We also call this period intermediate lives. Sometimes your higher self chooses reincarnation for a shorter or longer period of time, for example, to be a guide as an unborn child.

Multiple Lives, Consecutive or Parallel?

Time as we know it on Earth applies only to the physical dimension on Earth. Other dimensions, such as the astral dimension, have a different time dimension. The same applies to the universe. Because of this, you live all your lives at the same time. On Earth, however, these are different periods, such as the Middle Ages and now.

You live a life in a certain period because of the zeitgeist. This is because the zeitgeist determines what life lessons you can learn and what life goals you can achieve in that life. For example, right now we are in a transition to air energy which allows you to solve things faster. There are many souls who want to experience this and are therefore on Earth now (in this zeitgeist).

Although the periods on Earth are sequential and chronological, that does not apply to your other lives. You can be an enlightened person in one zeitgeist on Earth and a brutal person in a later zeitgeist. So it is also not sequential in terms of knowledge and ability.

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