What Lessons Can I Learn From My Past Lives?

Many people take regression therapy to retrieve memories from past lives and gain insights and lessons from them. But there is a reason why we are unaware of our past lives. Read why that is and what does help you move forward.

What Exactly About Past Lives?

Time as we know it on Earth applies only to the physical dimension on Earth. Other dimensions, such as the astral dimension, have a different time dimension. The same applies to the universe. Because of this, you live all your lives at the same time. On Earth, however, these are different periods, such as the Middle Ages and now. So instead of speaking of a past life, it is actually better to speak of another life. Continue reading about reincarnation

Memories From a Past Life

All wisdom is within you. Everything you have gained in terms of knowledge, skills, and experiences in other lives is stored in your aura.

Everything is energy, has a consciousness, and an energy frequency that contains information. You too are an energy system made up of multiple bodies, chakras, aura, and energy field. Your aura is the energy you radiate from the chakras. Your aura is also the place of your thoughts. Many thoughts you have are not in your head, but in your aura. And those thoughts don't even have to be your own. Also stored in your aura are experiences, events, life lessons, and traumas from this and other lives. 

So what you bring with you from other lives and build up in this life is stored in your aura. All the wisdom you have within you, all the memories of past lives, karma commitments, life lessons, etc. It is all in the form of energy in a sphere in your aura, diagonally behind you, just slightly above your head. It contains, as it were, your own, personal encyclopedia. With that, your aura not only determines how another person sees you as a person, but also how you experience the world. That is because you not only read other people's aura, but also your own. 

Why We Are Not Aware of Our Past Lives

Although you carry with you a wealth of information, it is for a good reason that here on Earth you are unaware of your other lives and the karmic connections you have with family members, friends and other people you meet. 

There are many examples of karmic contracts that stem from nasty relationships, such as murderer/killed, martyr/tortured, or human trafficker/slave. Often such a relationship results in a karmic commitment and the souls meet again in another life. 

Suppose in this life you are the mother of the soul that killed you in another life. Or that you are now the child of the soul who tortured you in another life. It is not about knowing this, it is about working out and resolving the mutual karma.

Working out karma and learning life lessons requires two karmic roles : someone who causes it and someone who happens to it. At its core, it is about acceptance, forgiveness, and neutralizing the pain. After all, we all fulfill both karmic roles.

How Do I Know If I Know Someone From a Past Life?

We have a click. The click you experience is the recognition of your karmic connection. Almost everyone encounters someone at some point in their life who changes your life, positive or negative, with one conversation, one insight or even one look. 

For example, because you can suddenly see the situation from a different perspective, enabling you to move on. Or because that person says exactly what you need at that moment. It may also be that you see a “random” passerby and your stomach turns completely. These are all examples of karmic situations, meant to be resolved and learned from. 

Resolving Problems From Past Lives

The most important life lessons and associated karma are related to the wound of your soul that your higher consciousness (your true self) wants to heal in this lifetime. Situations come your way to expose the problems of the wound so that you can address and resolve them. 

When something comes back as a common thread in your life, it is a problem from other lives that you are insensitive to. You don’t notice the problem in yourself, so it keeps showing up. 

In almost every healing we do, it turns out that what people are struggling with stems from a problem that originated in another life. Only, people often relate it to a situation from their current life. This makes sense because most people have no memory of other lives. Yet many situations occur in your current life to expose problems you carry with you from other lives so that you can resolve them. 

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What Is Karma?

Your karma is the baggage you bring with you from other lives and what you build up in this life. Many situations stem from karma.

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