Tension in Your Body, Where Does It Come From and How Do You Get Rid of It?

More and more people are experiencing symptoms related to an overload of energy. Such as tingling, neck and shoulder pain, headaches. While in their own lives there is no overload of stress or tension. How is that possible? 

What Is Tension and What Causes Tension? 

Tension is energy that you hold in your energy system (bodies, chakras, aura, and energy field). Discharging energy is essential to rid yourself of unnecessary energy. When you get more (toxic) energy into your system than you can discharge or process, you build up tension. This can cause numerous symptoms. From headaches to tingling in short-term moments of tension, to burnout and other stress-related illnesses in long-term tension. 

Accumulation of Toxic Energy

You get energy into your energy system in countless ways. Everything you experience, everything you ingest and everything you surround yourself with is energy and affects your energy system. Think of energy from relationships and encounters, energy from events and traumas (from this and other lives), energy you consume through food and energy you live in.

There are a number of factors that cause you to absorb much more toxic energy now than you did a few years ago: 

  • Significant increase in radiation (4G/5G UMTS masts and satellites, WiFi transmitters, mobile devices, electric cars, etc.) As described in the book Je zijn , radiation consists of energy vibrations that affect the energy vibrations of your own energy system. The energy vibrations excite your energy body which is in direct connection with your mental body. This is the body that coordinates the processes. Through this stimulation, your mental body activates the fight-and-flight mechanism intended for acute danger. Your physical body prepares for action; more energy is released from the energy body to deal with the situation. It is a major drain on your entire energy system. After such a reaction, your system needs to recover. Due to the constant stimulation of radiation, this does not happen. 
  • Increase in processed foods. As described in the book Je zijnThe more pure the food, the more energy it contains and the higher its frequency. Processed foods, such as e-numbers, sugars and glazing agents, as well as lab meat and genetically modified vegetables, contain an artificial, toxic energy with a lower frequency. In which your energy body has the greatest difficulty converting this toxic energy into the motor energy your physical body needs. 

More Accumulation of Tension, More Discharge Needed

Because you are accumulating much more toxic energy now than years ago, tension builds up in your body much faster. To deal with this, you will need to pay more attention to discharging excess energy. 

How Do You Release Tension?

You can release tension in two ways: 

  1. Get less (toxic) energy into your system 
    One way is to shield your energy field and to remove unnecessary energetic connections 
  2. Making sure you discharge more energy 
    You can discharge energy in a variety of ways. From walking in nature to playing music. You also discharge used energy by grounding with the consciousness of the Earth , and it is important to return energy to its source. . Want to discharge a lot of excess energy at once? Then do the meditation healing Releasing tension.  

Your core, from your core you have access to everything you need: come into your power | Spiritual book | Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff

Book Je zijn

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Book Je wil

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