Living with High Sensitivity, How Do You Deal with It?

There are two forms of high sensitivity. On the one hand, high sensitivity as in 'you pick it up'. On the other, high sensitivity as in 'you take it over'. These are two different things that are separate, but often go together and make living with high sensitivity unnecessarily difficult. Read to find out more. 

High Sensitivity: Picking Up the Mood and Seeing Through Situations

Think about sensing people, seeing through what is actually going on, and knowing when something is wrong. In fact, this means that your internal senses are well developed. 

Your internal senses together form your inner knowing, meant to develop yourself as a soul. Think of inner hearing, for example, communication with your guide. Or inner seeing, for example, (unconsciously) reading the pictures in the aura of others, but also in your own.

This form of high sensitivity helps you direct your life. It helps you avoid making decisions that are not appropriate for you. 

Taking Over Energy

This form of high sensitivity is about external energy that affects you personally. For example, you take on the emotions of others, get easily overstimulated or have tensions and physical complaints because you have to process too much energy. 

Living with this form of high sensitivity means that you are getting more and more external energy into your energy system and becoming more and more distant from your true self. 

Relation Between High Sensitivity and Energy

What many people don't know is that in addition to the seven main chakras in your physical body, you have five main chakras outside of it. And that you have other bodies besides your physical body, such as an astral body, mental body and causal body. This is all interconnected in your energy system. 

Every encounter and every situation is energy that you are making a connection with from your energy system. Therefore it is important to learn how to:

This is not at all difficult, anyone can learn it. How to do this is described in the book Your Being. 

In the video De schaamte voorbij (Dutch-video) is concisely explained the difference between picking up and taking over combined with how your energy system works. 

A healing is the separation of energy. Energy that is not yours is neutralized and removed. The resulting empty spaces in your energy system are filled with your own energy so that you become more you. Do you want to clean up your energy system and learn how to direct your energy? So you can pick up energy better, take less energy from others? Then follow the training Personal and Spiritual Leadership or the first part of it the healing program Who Am I | Higher Self.

Guard Your Energy

Your energy is for you. It is your life force that you need to live. To shape your life the way you want. Any energy that seeps away or is needed to process energy from others comes at the expense of you and your life. 

More and More People Are Living with High Sensitivity

On Earth we are in the transition from earth energy to air energy. In the past, most people had filters around them which separated their own energy from external energy, such as energy from others or from other dimensions. With the changing energy, these filters are gradually falling away. This means that you become more sensitive and pick up energy from outside yourself more easily. This is not only true for you, this is true for everyone.  

Air energy has a higher vibrational frequency. Where earth is much more grounding and physical, air is much more (v)airy. This energy frequency works much more on energetic information: telepathy and thought powerThis means that you can direct your life much more specifically with your thought force. How you do this is explained in detail in the book Your Beliefs. 

In addition, you are able to see through the level of consciousness of the other and it becomes easier to meet like-minded people. People who have the same level of consciousness on a certain level; the level on which you both want to learn a life lesson You can read more about this in the book Your Karma. 

Learning to direct your energy yourself: picking up better, taking over less

No longer moving along with or being swallowed up by someone else's energy, choices and emotions, but discovering who you are and what you want, learning to stay true to yourself, make your own choices and recognize and indicate boundaries. 

Resolving things within yourself so that you grow personally; in your self-confidence and self-acceptance, and you can transform your life into pleasant living in the way you want. In short, do you want to cleanse your energy system and learn how to direct your energy? Then follow the training Personal and Spiritual Leadership or the first part of it the healing program Who Am I | Higher Self.

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Your Being, from Your Being you have access to everything you need: come into your power | Spiritual book | Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff

Book Your Being

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  • provides insight into all layers of your energy system, what affects it and how you yourself can influence it. Energetically as well as practically. 
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Overview of Spiritual Training and Healing Programs

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