Increase Your Energy Frequency with Vegetables from Your Own Garden

The more pure your food, the more energy it contains and the higher its energy frequency. Processed food contains an artificial, toxic energy with a lower frequency, which is a drain on your body. Take care of yourself, take care of your own fruits and vegetables. 

Increase in Processed Foods

Processed foods, such as e-numbers, sugars, and glazing agents, contain an artificial, toxic energy with a lower frequency. Where your energy body has the greatest difficulty converting this toxic energy into the motor energy your physical body needs. 

As described in our book Your Being , everything consists of energy and everything has a consciousness. Even manufactured food. This contains the energy of the substance it is made of, as well as the energy put into it during the manufacturing process. By workers, by investors and stakeholders. Think lab meat and genetically modified vegetables, for example. The motives behind these are questionable to say the least. 

Intention Affects Structure

Japanese professor Masaru Emoto has shown through experiments that water has a memory. With thought power, words, and music, you can modify the structure of water. You are largely made up of water. Countless fruits and vegetables contain even much more water. 

The influence of thoughts on the structure of water, thank you, wisdom, truth, eternal, angel, I love you, peace, you fool, you make me sick, evil, polluted water before and after prayer

Cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, celery, broccoli, carrots, all consist of more than 90% water. And are therefore programmable. Also by you. 

Of course, you can buy food and then (re)program it. However, if it is manufactured or modified, the physical substances differ from the original source. And you can't reprogram that. So it is better to grow your own from GMO-free seeds and program that. By growing this with joy and pleasure, you feed yourself with joy and pleasure. 

Light to Grow Healthy

Vegetables that come from far away are harvested early. So that it can ripen during transport toward the shelves of stores. For vegetables from our own garden, it gets plenty of light to grow and only when it is ripe is it harvested. 

Unsprayed and Untreated

On top of that, vegetables from your own garden are unsprayed and untreated. Pesticides contain toxic energy. Just like the glosses and "preservatives" that organic fruits and vegetables are also treated with. 

Unhealthy and Scarcity

In addition to our food becoming more and more distant from its natural origins, food scarcity is being created worldwide. Farmland is being bought up, (poultry) cattle farms are being cracked down on to drastically reduce the number of animals and (in the Netherlands) laws and regulations have been implemented whereby farmers are only allowed to sow and harvest between certain periods, as a result of which they can no longer grow many products. 

So growing your own vegetables is not only healthier, it may just become a necessity in the future. 

Relaxation: Discharging Energy in the Garden

Creating and maintaining the vegetable garden helps you discharge unnecessary energy. People are composed of more than half of water, as are trees and plants. When you surround yourself with them, you take on the same vibrational frequency. 

In addition, trees and plants carry many negative ions. By surrounding yourself with them, your body gets rid of the positive ions that you store in yourself during the day. For example, from all the electrical equipment around you.

Being in nature has been shown to have beneficial effects on recovery from stress and illness, your heart rate and blood pressure. People who live in a green neighborhood and spend a lot of time outdoors feel healthier and visit the doctor less than people with little greenery in their environment. In short, nature has a cleansing effect and helps you discharge energy. 

The latter is very important because more and more people are experiencing symptoms related to energy overload. Such as tingling, neck and shoulder pain, headaches. While in their own lives there is no overload of stress or tension. This is, in part, because you are taking in much more toxic energy now, than you were a few years ago. You can read more about this in the article Tension in Your Body, Where Does It Come From and How Do You Get Rid of It? 

Why to Raise Energy Frequency?

You have your own vibrational frequency energy system and the resonance of systems that you are "temporarily" part of. This can have a positive influence, but also a negative one. The higher your own vibrational frequency is, the less you are influenced by the resonances of others. Read more in the article Raising vibrational frequency, what, why and how?

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