Impact of Saturn and Change of Sign

Saturn has an orbital period of 29.5 years. Every (slightly less than) 3 years it changes sign. On March 8, 2023, Saturn passes from Aquarius into Pisces. Saturn has a great influence on the worldview and therefore on you. 

In our book Je zijn we have described Saturn as the planet of laws and judgments. How you see the world and others see you. From astrology, Saturn is linked to traditional, top-down structures, boundaries and limits. 

Saturn and its Link to Karma

In addition, Saturn is the planet of karma. The Lords of Karma are linked to it. These are the energetic "judges" of karma contracts. For example, they can dissolve contracts when they no longer serve you in learning your life lessons. 

Saturn's position makes karma come forward in a particular area. Intended to be resolved. This applies globally, as well as personally. Of course this is linked to your own unique programming and the conjunction of the planets at that time. In other words, to what extent you are "triggered" by the position of Saturn (transits) at a particular time and have karma to resolve on that level. 

Impact of Saturn: Retrospective

To illustrate how big the impact of Saturn can be, let's look back to when the planet entered Aquarius, the sign of freedom: March 22, 2020. The following day, limits to freedom were set; global lockdowns were declared. 

In the period that followed, the laws and judgments were quite expressed. Worldwide, freedom-restricting emergency laws have been created, freedom of speech has come under pressure and a division in society has emerged where people condemn each other. 

Also, many people now view the world completely differently than before and relationships have changed; how you see each other. Partly because of the conjunctions of planets, layers of consciousness were created in September 2020 and an energetic T-split between fear and trust took place at the end of 2021

So we can say that Saturn's energy has a great influence on the world and your world. What can we expect from this change? 

Saturn in Pisces March 8, 2023 to Feb. 2026

Pisces is the most mystical and spiritual sign. It is related to illusion and disillusionment. It is linked to water and wants to flow. Where Saturn represents structure, Pisces does just the opposite. One effect of this may be to wash away traditional, top-down structures, making room for new servant structures. After all, Pisces is also one of the serving signs. 

Also, the Pisces sign is a sensitive sign, making it easy to pick up and take over the energy of others. In that respect, this position has an important contribution in the transition of energy where other dimensions are becoming more visible and people are becoming more sensitive to energy outside of themselves. 

March 2023 a Busy Astrological Agenda

  • 1st week of March: conjunction of planets Venus, Jupiter and Chiron, and Mercury and Saturn
  • March 7: Full Moon in Virgo, the sign of analytical, perfectionism, criticism and clearing. The full moon shines a light on the world from this vantage point.  
  • March 8: Saturn from Aquarius to Pisces.
  • March 20: Spring equinox; the beginning of the astrological year
  • March 23: Pluto transits (temporarily) from Capricorn into Aquarius

On top of that, all the planets run directly (ahead as seen from Earth) until early May. This does not happen very often. It is a momentum; an acceleration of energy. It gives you a chance to make a big growth spurt. 

Your core, from your core you have access to everything you need: come into your power | Spiritual book | Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff

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