Why Is Self-Love So Important and How Can You Develop It?

Self-love is a combination of self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-esteem. It is the basis of how you experience life. Do you want to develop your self-love? Read about how to do that. 

What Exactly Is Self-Love?

Self-love is a combination of self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-esteem. It is the basis of how you experience life. When you love and appreciate yourself for who you are, you have much less tendency to seek this recognition outside of yourself. 

Why Is Self-Love Important?

Many people do all kinds of things to be liked, and seen or heard. This expresses itself in many ways. For example, that you subordinate your own interests and needs, and put them aside in your relationship. Or that you are overflowing with work and are adding that one job because you don't want to say "No." to your supervisor. In short, a lack of self-love often manifests itself in that you are always serving others instead of serving yourself. As it really should be. 

"The distribution of your energy should be: first yourself, then what you want to do, and lastly what you can do for others.

This is not selfish. This is the way to achieve what you want and share it with others. In a healthy way."

What Causes a Lack of Self-Love?

Self-love consists of: self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-esteem. If you have no or little self-love, then you have work to do in one or more of these areas to ensure that you change and do get it. 

Self-love: self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-esteem

You are largely shaped by your upbringing, culture, religion, society, etc. In modern society, you are generally made unaware of who you essentially are, the wisdom you have within you, and the talents and skills you possess. 

The emphasis is mainly on conforming to society's straitjacket: learned behaviors, expectations, and roles. Especially if you have an uniqueness within you that makes you deviate from the norm, you may be weighed down by the pressure that stems from social or community acceptance. 

Your self-image is largely created by all the projections (thoughts, opinions and advice) that others have on you. You can compare this to sticky notes. These are constantly being pasted onto your aura. All those pictures (thoughts, opinions, advice) cause others to see you that way, thus confirming that image.

From within yourself you also hear and see those projections in your aura, you experience it as your thoughts. If you hear something often enough, you automatically start to believe in it. 

"By acknowledging your inner beauty, you radiate that. Beliefs that you do not live up to the ideal image only have to do with limitations someone else wants to impose on you. Know that negative thoughts or a negative self-image do not come from your own thoughts.

No one is born ugly, at most made ugly by ugly thoughts projected onto you. Free yourself from dogmas through complete self-acceptance." 

Developing Self-Love

If you want to develop your self-love, then this means increasing self-acceptance, gaining more self-confidence and more love and gentleness toward yourself. To help you with this, we have developed a number of (meditation) healings to work on different aspects: 

Develop Your Self-Love With the Meditation Healing Self-Love

During the online meditation healing Self-love we add divine qualities to our inner and outer world. This brings more loving, joyful energy into your system and softness into yourself.

Improve Your Self-Image by Reducing Projections

During the online session Reducing Projections from Social Pressure we do a healing to neutralize and remove some of the projections (opinions and thoughts of others) that you have in your aura and chakras, so that this no longer affects your self-image. And in the online session You within Your Family System we work on the roles, patterns and projections that originate from the family system.

Increase Your Self-Acceptance

During the healing program Who Am I | Higher Self we work on this. We do a healing on the period from conception to birth through which there is a shift to feeling welcome, acceptance of who you are in essence, and love for yourself.And a healing on guilt, shame and fear. A lot of pain, sorrow and blockages stem from this. This creates a feeling of inferiority. By neutralizing and dissolving this, more space is created to see and appreciate yourself. 

Stay Attuned to Your Own Energy

In addition, the energetic exercises help you accept your physical body, shield your energy field, and optimize your feminine and masculine energy, among other things. Check out the energetic exercises

Start today to increase your self-acceptance, self-confidence, and to self-esteem. In short, develop your self-love. You are worth it. 

"True insights and healing that will help you come into your own power and create your paradise on Earth."

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