Which Energy of Money Are You Connected With?

All of us have a relationship with money. But, did you know that the energy you earn (or receive) money with, the energy you spend it on, and the beliefs you have around money affect your energy and thus have quite an impact on your career and life? Read how. 

Some see money as a pure necessity for survival; to provide the basic necessities of life. For others, money is a means to buy moments of happiness, such as a vacation or day out. Some see money as dark energy; a means of power to control people. Others, on the contrary, see money as a means to create freedom. There is a grain of truth in all of them. 

What Is Money and What Is Meant By the Energy Behind Money?

In fact, money is a physical asset that represents an energy exchange. The intention of the energy exchange and the form in which it is expressed determine the energy behind money. 

The energy exchange should be a win-win situation. When you provide added value to another person or company, you may demand added value in return. It is an exchange of energy, money is just the form in which that happens. There used to be other means of exchange and perhaps in the future it will take other forms. At its core, it doesn't matter whether it is money or something else that both parties consider valuable. 

"You have a healthy relationship with money when there is a good balance of give and take in obtaining and spending money where it is in harmony with your life purpose, karma and life lessons."

Is Money Negative or Dark?

There is negativity around money when an imbalance arises. This can happen at different levels, for example, when you put your whole being (give all your energy) and as compensation you do not even get back enough to meet your basic needs (to survive). Or if the intention is not aimed at an equal exchange of energy, but purely at creating money (whether for personal gain or not). An example for clarification: 

When a company goes to the stock market, it gets shareholders who are primarily focused on making as much profit as possible, so the company's policies and direction are adjusted accordingly. Often this comes at the expense of the quality of products or services, cooperating partners and employees. The intention of the energy exchange changes and it becomes out of balance. This creates an entrance for dark energy to hook onto. Whereby the role of money becomes greater and greater which can lead to exploitation, oppression, etc. 

Profit From Investment or Passive Income

So what about income without any form of counter-performance? When you commit yourself to a form that is purely focused on creating money without any form of return, there is an imbalance in the exchange of energy (taking). This does not have to be negative, by the way. With the intention with which you spend it, you can compensate so that a balance is restored. 

Life purpose and money making

Yet this form of obtaining money is not appropriate for everyone. This has to do with your life purpose, karma and life lessons. A personal example for clarification: 

In my college days, I made an invention. I then applied for a patent for it. That application took months. Just before the deadline I got a rejection with a leaflet saying: NEW my invention with my description...And I had another moment like that in my life. 

You can be very difficult about that, but for me it was a sign that I was not meant to make a big chunk of money that way at that age. Not because I don't deserve it or it wasn't granted to me, but because such financial wealth entails a different lifestyle and it doesn't challenge you to move in a certain direction. So in my life, there is no space for financial wealth that hinders my personal wealth.

For me, it is much more appropriate to work on a passive income where there is a balanced energy exchange and what represents my core values, such as our books and online sessions with healing. We developed that with great care and attention (put energy into it) and we receive messages from many people that it helps them change their lives (added value for that person; win-win). 

We have also chosen to publish the books ourselves and sell them almost exclusively through our own website, for example. This is because we do not want to commit ourselves to the energy of commercial parties, such as, that turn everything and everyone against each other and grab the biggest profits themselves. 


The way you look at money and what you think you are worth determine your flow of money. When you price yourself low in the market because you think you (or your product or service) are not worth more, you create a blockage in your flow of income. This is in contrast to when you offer your product or service at a low price because it is then available to everyone and you are convinced that you will sell large quantities of it. 

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Energy You Spend the Money On

In addition to obtaining money, spending it also plays a role. Do you buy products from or from companies you know are focused on making a profit at all costs? Do you spend it only for yourself and your own pleasure? Do you do something with it by which you help another person in their life process? Or are you not spending it at all because you want to keep the money you have? And why do you do it this way, have you thought about that?

Healthy Relationship With Money

You have a healthy relationship with money when there is a good balance of give and take in obtaining and spending money where it is in harmony with your life purpose, karma and life lessons. 

This is seen from the bigger picture; of all your lives, not just this one. It is important to realize that energy is never lost and always comes back to you. In this life, through situations that come your way, or in other livesthrough karma 


When you live sincerely and do something for another person that contributes to their life process, you get good and joyful moments in return. So it doesn't always have to be in the form of money. Your your guides and spirits are more distant from the physical reality in which you also just need money to live. So sometimes it can be helpful to remind them of this. 

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