What Is an Absorption Rose?

An absorption rose is programming you can take advantage of. An absorption rose removes energy that is not yours; it absorbs that energy. 

By using the higher intelligence of the Pyramid of the Roses you can shield yourself energetically without shutting down. You remain visible as a person, full of life and maintain contact with the outside world.

The roses are programming. By asking for them, you give the intention, the pyramid provides the quality. Speaking this out loud or in your mind is enough to do it. When you visualize it, you will notice that it can look different each time. This is because it depends on the situation, the person to whom you are sending it, the importance of the relationship, etc. 

Spiritual Roses

Pyramid of the Roses

The pyramid of the roses is an instrument from which you can extract higher intelligence. It can be accessed from the astral dimension.

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Energetic Exercises

Your Being, from Your Being you have access to everything you need: come into your power | Spiritual book | Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff

Book Your Being

This book:

  • provides insight into all layers of your energy system, what affects it and how you yourself can influence it. Energetically as well as practically. 
  • contains exercises to get rid of energy that doesn't belong to you, and to shield your energy field. 
  • is full of tips on how to lift your energy system to a higher frequency so that you will be in your power, energized, and better able to direct your life.
Your Beliefs | Do you truly believe that activating metaphysical laws will enrich your life? Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff.

Book Your Beliefs

This book: 

  • provides insight into the hierarchy and operation of 42 metaphysical laws and forces.
  • contains exercises so that you learn to consciously activate higher laws to change the energetic setting of your life.
  • helps you balance your feminine and masculine power so that you can maximize your life force. 
Your Karma | From a hard lesson to a driving force: transform Your Karma. Spiritual book by Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff

Book Your Karma

This book:

  • provides insight into karma, its origins and how it is expressed.
  • is full of examples of karmic situations for clarification.
  • contains healing exercises that enable you to reduce your karma and (partially) heal the resulting burden.

The vivid examples give you an insight into what a healing is and what emerges during healing.

"True insights and healing that will help you come into your own power and create your paradise on Earth."