Power of Words

They often say "Swearing doesn't hurt," yet speech has a powerful constructive or destructive energy in it. The way and intention with which you utter words directly affects your own and others' senses.

Origin Determines Energy of Word

Of many words we use daily, we do not realize where it comes from. Yet the origin of words and the thoughts used to create them determines the energy frequency of the word. In general, the energy of many languages is harsh, direct and penetrating. With that, it is extra important to pay attention to how you pronounce them, as well as how they are spoken to you.

Constructive or Destructive Energy

Because of the universal 'Law of Speech,' speech has a powerful constructive or deconstructive energy which directly affects your own or others' senses, such as your 5th chakra; throat chakra.

Suppose you have often been told, that you should be quiet or that no one is waiting to hear what you have to say, that can cause your speech to lose power so that you are not heard at later times in your life.

This can also stem from other lives or energy in the family. For example, consider ancestors who used invisibility as a survival mechanism during slavery. This energy is passed down from generation to generation and causes you to not be fully visible and heard now.

Not Being Seen or Heard

When you are not seen or heard energetically, there is a filter between you, so to speak, that prevents others from seeing or hearing you. Even if you do have something meaningful to say. Do you ever experience situations in which you say something, nobody listens, then someone else says the same thing (perhaps in slightly different terms) and people suddenly think it's a good idea? It has to do with this.

Persuasion and Consulting Skills

If you want to work on your persuasion or consulting skills, it is advisable to look not only at how you present yourself, but especially at your strengths; your charisma, any filters that prevent you from being visible or audible, and how you can energetically influence the conversation. The content of what you say counts for half, it's just as much about the power with which you can convey something. 

Want to know more about energetic conversation influence? This is explained in the book Your Beliefs and is covered in detail in the training Personal and Spiritual Leadership. This training also includes healings aimed at improving inner seeing and inner hearing; which together form the basis of your inner knowing. Plus optimizing your speech. Necessary to be heard; to be able to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and opinions to others. 

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Overview of Spiritual Training and Healing Programs

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