My Child No Longer Wants to Go to School, Now What?

We hear more and more from parents that their children no longer want or can go to school. Because they are completely stuck in the system. Or because they are literally sick of it. How is it that an increasing number of children and parents are struggling with this. And more importantly, what can you do if your child no longer wants to go to school? 

Why Does My Child No Longer Want to Go to School?

The school system is an outdated system, once established to train people to be good workers. It focuses mainly on learning to listen and being able to reproduce what you are taught. Thinking for yourself, investigating and coming up with solutions is discouraged. So is creativity, musicality and sociality.  

Classes are getting fuller and the children busier. In the past, the child was looked at. Children who needed extra attention or guidance were given special education designed for that purpose. Now they are all in one class together. Which is to the detriment of them all. 

School days have become more intense. In the Netherlands, most children used to go home at noon (on their bikes). They were outside, had exercise and could unload on the way and at home. Now they all stay in school. In class, watching the youth news while wolfing down a sandwich. 

Not to mention the teaching materials they are presented with, their quality, and the teaching methods used. Learning to read using news articles is not exactly a fun and conducive way. 

Extreme Stress for Children

Energetically, the current school system is an extremely stressful experience for children. On the one hand because they are filled with (negative) energy from others all day, and on the other hand because they have to suppress their own true selves, which also takes an awful lot of energy.  

On top of that, many of the children from the current generation are already living energetically in a "new world," but are still physically "stuck" in an old world. Which is not at all appropriate for them. This has to do with the transition to air energy

All in all, then, it is no wonder that there are more and more children who no longer want or can go to school. And with that, more and more parents who are at their wits' end. How to proceed? 

What Can You Do if Your Child No Longer Wants to Go to School?

While we do not have a ready-made solution, after all every child is different, we can provide some guidance, tips, and advice. 

Teach your child how to:

  • energetically shield themselves
    With your energy field you connect with others. Everything you see, hear, and feel enters your energy field first and only then enters the physical body. Therefore, your child continuously picks up energy from others when your child does not shield their energy field. Find out how to do this
  • discharge used energy and bring in new energy
    Grounding has almost the same function as breathing; supply of fresh energy and removal of spent energy. With breathing, your child does that in the physical body. Grounding is for your subtle physical body. Your child needs a good grounding to be able to handle daily situations well. Find out how to do this
  • break unnecessary connections so that energy doesn't flow away
    When people are physically near each other, they unconsciously make a connection through the chakras. This is necessary to communicate with each other. Your child's chakras become overloaded when the connections your child makes continuously are not properly closed. Find out how to do this
  • returns energy to its source
    Thoughts and opinions of others, such as the teacher and classmates, enter your child's aura. With the Back to the Source exercise, you can make sure that your child is not constantly being labeled. How to do this is explained in the book Your Being.  

Have a conversation with your child about:

  • who he or she is
    Children who don't fit into the current school system often think it's up to them. That they are not smart enough, that they do not work hard enough, that they do not listen well. This is partly due to teachers' projections and is sometimes confirmed by poor grades. These are really only a reflection of how well they can reproduce what is presented to them and say nothing about intelligence, perseverance, or any other talents.
  • the teaching materials
    Children are not crazy. They sense when something is not right. So if you question certain information or lessons your child is receiving, ask your child how he or she views it. Everything has advantages and disadvantages; discuss the different perspectives. You will immediately teach your child inquisitive viewing and reasoning.
  • the classroom situation
    Many children are affected by the child next to them in class, such as talking all the time, sitting wobbly or disrupting their energy field energetically. Sometimes they find it difficult to indicate this. Or they say this to the teacher, but the teacher does nothing. Discuss with your child how things are going in class, between the children, but also between your child and the teacher. Don't condone it, but compare it to your own work environment. You don't want to sit next to an annoying colleague or work for a boss you don't like, do you? 

Take Your Child Seriously if They No Longer Want to Go to School

Look at your child, what do they need to grow up without too many adversities? In other words, maintaining self-esteem, own talents, and an own opinion. If the current school doesn't fit that, draw your conclusions and go to another school. And if, after several years, it appears that your child has outgrown that school again, switch again. The time when your child should spend their entire schooling in the same school is long gone. You yourself don't work at the same company for 40 years, do you? If you don't like it, you also look for a new job or employer. So why not do the same for your child? 

And if your child needs a rest period, so be it. If you yourself are overtired because of all the stimulation or busyness, you also take a few days or weeks off. To avoid ending up in burnout. For your child, this is no different. 

Is Your Child Full of Tension or Completely Out of Sorts? 

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