What Are Your Guides and How Do You Communicate with Them?

Guides are beings with one purpose: to help. They have the ability to communicate with you; they do this in many ways. Everyone has several guides, one of which is the Main Guide.

What Are Your Guides

Guides have the ability to communicate with you, they do this in many ways. Through hints, insights, inspiration and creative ideas. Guides can help you keep your energetic system clean, clarify your goals, create opportunities, develop your talents, etc.

You have several guides who guide and help you at different levels. One of these is your Main Guide:

  • The first level of guides are deceased relatives and loved ones, for example, parents, unborn children and partners.
  • In addition, there are beings of higher intelligence who help you. These are more distant from you and have a helicopter view. As a result, they oversee the bigger picture and know what is optimal for you.
  • One of these intelligences is your Main Guide. To keep the message as pure as possible, it is recommended that all communication with guides go through your Main Guide, including communication with first-level guides.

How Do I Get in Contact with My Guide?

The moment you live too much from your thoughts ("in your head"), it becomes more difficult for your guides to reach you. That is also why you often receive inspirations and insights when you are doing something totally different, such as showering or walking. 

A good technique for learning to communicate with your guide is by writing. By not thinking about what you are writing, but letting the words come. The moment you notice that it arises without resistance, you get the information through. 

It also makes a substantial difference whether you consciously give "assignments" to your guides or are only subconsciously in contact with them. If you are merely communicating tasks from your subconscious, you are not getting the most out of your life. Consciously set your course through intentions. How to do this is described in the book Your Beliefs.

Your guides then do the preparatory work leaving you only to head it in when the ball is there. Note: your guide never gives you orders, only insights.

How Do I Know that I Am Communicating with My Guide and Not Another Being?

Most people are under the influence of other energy. What if you are in the grip of an energy without even realizing it? That is why daily cleansing, maintaining and shielding of your energy system is so incredibly important. If you want to live your own life, create and manifest from your own power, then this is where it starts. Because with your energy system you direct your life. 

Did You Know You Can Update Your Guides?

When you have grown as a person through personal and spiritual development, you may have outgrown your guides. They can no longer help you on the path you have chosen. Through healing, it is possible to update your guides so that you become seamlessly connected again. Read more

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