Non-duality or Individuality, or Both?

According to many, non-duality, or non-dualism, equals oneness and connectedness where there is no individuality or ego. But is this correct? Or do both unity and individuality coexist? In this article we explore this in more detail. 

Non-duality and Non-dualism, What Exactly Are They?

Non-duality and non-dualism are based on unity. Everything originates from one source and is interconnected. In non-duality, the focus is on the universal and not the personal; self-will would not exist. Duality is learned. The ego would give a sense of identity which you have to let go of because it would mainly want to prove itself. This is where a number of things begin to get mixed up. We will discuss them one by one.  

Everything Is Connected and Originates From One Source

In our book Your Beliefs we write about this, among other things: the whole Universe is made up of structures. From very large structures, like the solar system, to very small structures, like the structure of your cells. Everything is a structure and part of a larger structure; or system. 

As a human being, you are made up of systems, such as your energy system and immune system. All these different systems together form one whole, requiring good cooperation; "Law of Unity. It works within the microcosm and the macrocosm. This law ensures that, for example, organs (each having its own mind and soul) unite to work together as one system in your physical body.

In addition, there is the "Law of One. This law creates harmony and balance. As soon as separation occurs the lower 'Law of Separation' comes into effect becomes unbalanced and chaos ensues. 

The outside world as you experience it stems from your own inner world. Your upbringing, things you have experienced, norms and values, etc. all together determine how you look at situations and how you interpret them. And with your inner world you create your outer world. Among other things because with your beliefs, thoughts, attitude, and behavior you (unconsciously) activate metaphysical laws and forces that determine the outcome of situations. 

Is Duality Taught?

The Earth is a place of duality where the law of the jungle prevails. You see this in all facets of nature. Duality is needed on Earth to be a school of learning. You need darkness to be able to see the light. So it is not taught, it is a natural phenomenon. 

The Ego Provides a Sense of Identity and Pops up in Our Consciousness, Is That True?

This is not correct. Yes, you are an energy system with a consciousness that is part of universal consciousness, but your individuality comes from the Law of One and the Law of Mind, and has a very important function.

Your chakra system consists of 12 main chakras: 7 in your physical body and 5 outside. Those outside provide the connection between your different bodies and the connection with your higher self. Your 10th chakra is connected to your spiritual body. This chakra provides for you to experience individuality within universal consciousness. 

Energy is information. Therefore, the information you can access is potentially infinite. When you are completely open, there is infinite information (energy) coming to you. Both from consciousness here on Earth and beyond. You need your individuality to distinguish within the infinity of universal consciousness where information comes from and to filter it. 

Do You Have to Let Go of the Ego to Get To Your True Self?

A nuance is appropriate here. As described, the ego does not create individuality as is assumed in non-duality and non-dualism. The term ego is debatable anyway, especially if it refers to the totality of one's attitudes, behaviors, and emotions. 

In fact, you can create a lot of different roles and paragons for yourself; or alter egos. Realize that just like an actor, you can create personalities and they activate when you adopt a certain attitude. The moment it feels more comfortable to pretend to be different than you are, you are no longer living your own life.

Once you no longer manage to live without the alter egos, your life becomes directionless; you no longer find happiness when you are yourself. This creates thresholds that eventually become obstacles or walls you can no longer break through. You close yourself off, as it were, to who you really are. 

In short, masks to hide behind can be temporarily useful, such as to get through a certain period. But, don't let them become alter egos through which you close yourself off from who you really are. 

Is There No Separation Between the Self and the Universe (Necessary)?

There are many people who interpret the oneness concept of non-duality or non-dualism as opening completely to the Universe and merging into the whole. Free will would not exist. This interpretation can have great destructive consequences. 

Regardless of the infinite amount of information described before, we are not the only beings in the Universe. Just as there are people who don't have your best interests at heart, there are also beings who want to manifest on Earth through you, such as entities. When you open yourself completely, without protection, you are a gateway for dark energies. 

If you wouldn't be an individual and wouldn't have free will, it is very tempting to put everything outside yourself. It is very easy and comfortable to attribute everything to fate, to that it must be so. Whereas you yourself are responsible for your own life. Everything you achieve or what happens to you, you call upon yourself for the most part. Consciously or unconsciously. You can do a great deal to direct your life in the direction you want. How you do that, is explained in the book Your Beliefs.

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