Life Lessons from Annual Plants

In late February, early March still a seed. With enough water and light, it develops. Soon the seed is a plant and too big for the pot. It needs more space and place for itself. To grow and flourish.

When the plant holds on to spent flowers, there is no room for new blooms. The plant puts its energy into seeds, for life after its death. When the plant lets go of spent flowers, there is room for new buds. The plant is full of energy, blooms and continues for much longer.

These laws of nature do not apply only to the seed and plant. It applies to every living organism. It also applies to you.

Everything you give energy to grows. As much as the space you have for it. Do you want to develop? Take a look at the growth space you give yourself. Do you want to be in the bloom of your life for a long time? Distance yourself from what no longer suits you and hinders your growth and blossoming. 

Do you find this difficult? Then look at the beauty that comes from a seed. And remind yourself that you too were originally created this way. 

What Can You Learn from an Energetic Garden?

Discharge, recharge, inspire. An energetic garden brings insights, color and relaxation into your life. It helps you with your life processes and encourages you to be mindful of nature's the and cycles. Read more about the energetic garden 

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Overview of Spiritual Training and Healing Programs

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Forces of Resistance | Healing

If you have a belief in yourself that you don't want something or are resisting something, it comes right into your life. Often it becomes a resistance which creates blockages.

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