Givers, Takers, and Matchers; the Energetic Interaction

Givers, takers, and matchers. How do they relate to each other physically? And what about energetically? You'll read about it in this article. 

By What Do You Recognize Givers, Takers, and Matchers?

Exaggerated: Givers help others without necessarily wanting anything in return. Takers are those who think primarily of what they want or need, and "get" it from others without doing anything in return. Matchers are those who put it on a scale: if I give you something, I expect something in return.  

Business Success of Givers, Takers, and Matchers

Research has been done on the business success of each of these groups. It shows that both givers and takers can be successful, outgivers a lot less so. The degree of success depends on the definition of success and to what extent you are able to recognize the other person. For givers, others grant them success, but have to watch out for takers, because they have a nose for givers and take advantage of it. And for takers, many people actually do not grant them success. 

From Giver to Taker

This outcome can be recognized and extended more broadly. In fact, every soul is in its purest form a giver. Only, on Earth you run into situations that make you a taker. Healthy forms of this are temporary. Think of children who need their parents to survive, then turn against them to break free from this dependence and become independent. Or someone who needs temporary help to move on independently afterwards. Unhealthy forms are, for example, people who are primarily out for their own gain or people who take on the role of victim, make themselves dependent and in this way manipulate people into helping them.

What About That Energetically?

But, what is behind this physical layer that makes this so manifest? Among other things, this has to do with karma and dharma. When you live from karma in certain areas, it means that you are not acting sincerely and honestly. Not to yourself or not to others. When you live from dharma in certain areas, you consider others in making your choices. And when necessary, you put the common good above your own interest (you give).

Karma and Dharma

The way you live, from karma or dharma, is just an elaboration of the deeper layer underneath, which is which energy you are connected with. On a certain level, are you more connected with the energy of Saturn or more with that of Mercury? The Lords of Karma, the energetic judges, are connected with Saturn. The Ladies of Dharma, are the guides of life and help you to rise above matter. They are connected with Mercury.

Being healthy in life requires a balance between the energy of Saturn and the energy of Mercury. The energy of Mercury to be able to look at the situation from a broader perspective. And the energy of Saturn to assess the situation while considering your own boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others. Read more about this in the book Your Karma.


As described, the favor factor of others plays a role. Givers are favored and takers are not. There are projections of others that they "stick" on your aura. When you see someone, you first read the aura, which contains the projections. This immediately gives you an image of that person. You also confirm this image by pasting an additional projection into the aura. In this way the prejudice and the well-known stamp are created. You also read this yourself, causing you to behave accordingly. It is a reinforcing vicious circle. Read more about this in the book Your Being

Metaphysical laws and balance universe

In addition, there are the metaphysical laws, such as the "Law of Giving," "Law of Compensation," and "Law of Multiplication." He who does good, meets good. For everything you give to another consciousness, you are compensated. When you live sincerely and do something for another that contributes to his or her life process, you get good and joyful moments in return. In abundance. More than you have given. But, if you take advantage of another person or the situation, you hurt yourself. Because even then you will be compensated in this and it will come back to you rock hard. You can read more about this in the book You Want.

There is a balance in the Universe that always restores itself. This means that if you forcibly accomplish something and thereby upset the balance, the Universe will someday create something, which you may not want at all, to restore the balance. So you can consciously create and manifest a desired outcome, and thereby unconsciously achieve the opposite effect.

Spirits are also Givers, Takers, and Exchangers

Besides karma and dharma, another aspect that comes into play is which energies and spirits you are connected with. In the Universe, humans are not the only beings. Spirits, too, are givers, takers, and exchangers. Virtually everyone has non-own energy passing through them. Think about energy that lives in the family lineage, energy that comes along as you download in your body, and connections you have made (unconsciously) with spirits.

Every form of energy has a consciousness and wants to be fed. As a human being you have a physical body, this body is needed to manifest on Earth. With your body you are the executive channel of the energy you have allowed into your energy system or with which you have a connection.

Light or darkness: constructive or destructive

There are higher intelligence forms that work from the light that you can "make use of". These spirits work on liberation and healing, helping you in your growth toward wholeness, and cooperating in creating a constructive win-win situation where positive energy is released.

There are also higher intelligence forms that work from darkness on oppression and enslavement. These spirits (also called entities) often pose as the light, and can "help" you in building something seemingly beautiful, but for which you end up paying a big price. Without your realizing it, you gradually become in the grip of this energy and act accordingly. You become a slave to this energy. Unknowingly, you help this energy to create situations in which destructive energy is released that it can feed on, or in which it can win more souls so that it gets more “slaves."

So, what is the exchange?

So what is the exchange of the energy that you have flowing through you or that you have a commitment to? Many things seem attractive, especially in the short term, but in reality are a temptation. Which ultimately distracts you from who you essentially are and what you want. It may temporarily make you feel good, but does not bring long-term inner happiness. 

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