How to Reconnect with My Feminine Energy?

If you want to be more in touch with your feminine energy again you will have to work on a number of things. First, an acceptance within yourself that you are made up of both feminine energy and masculine energy. Next, balancing that by breaking the connection with repression on feminine power, and resolving traumas on motherly and fatherly love. Finally, by working on the Forces of Resistance that exist on them. How you do that, you can read in this article. 

What Caused the Disconnection with Feminine Energy?

Everyone has feminine energy within them, both women and men. So do you. Feminine energy is inward, creative. It is part of your life force. Just like masculine energy for that matter. It is important to realize that trauma to feminine energy occurs as early as birth. Energetically, cutting the umbilical cord is a brutal intervention that suddenly disconnects you from the feminine power and motherly love you depend on at that moment. In addition, there is global oppression of women and feminine energy. 

Forces of Suppression on Feminine Energy

Earth is a place of duality where the power of the strongest prevails. There is a global pressure to oppress women from their place. Also called the "Forces of Suppression." To keep you small, to move you along. These forces are stored in everyone. 

Energy that comes from the "Forces of Suppression" is passed on from generation to generation. And also from within yourself; from your different lives. It is stored in your system and comes back naturally in all your lives. This is a very powerful force.

Oppression against Suppression causes Resistance

Because there is global suppression of women and feminine power, there is also global resistance to it. Which causes the 'Forces of Resistance' to act upon it. The 'Forces of Resistance' act to counter a movement: resistance to an experience imposed by another. Such as resistance to oppression of women. 

Forces of Resistance

The 'Forces of Resistance' is an energy that operates under the universal laws (metaphysical laws) Law of Duality, Law of Attraction of Opposites, and Law of Polarity. Because the forces operate under these laws, the forces attract the very experiences that are being resisted.
This means that when you (unconsciously) resist oppression of women and feminine power, it comes into your life so you learn to deal with it. When you do not learn to do this, it becomes a blockage; resistance. The more often you attract these forces, the stronger the forces become. 

Connecting with Your Feminine Energy

By accepting in yourself that you consist of both feminine and masculine energy, there is room to balance this. You connect with your feminine energy by going to your focal point. This is a point below your navel where everything comes together. Check out the energetic exercise Focal Point to read how to do this. 

Balancing Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy

To bring your own feminine energy and masculine energy more into balance, we have developed the energetic exercise Feminine and masculine power in balance . This helps you little by little to break the connections you (unconsciously) make with suppression on your feminine and masculine power. 

Resolving Excessive Resistance on Feminine Energy

The Healing on Forces of Resistance focuses on resistance that causes blockages, such as on feminine power. During this online session that you can follow at your leisure, the unhealthy forms of this are transformed so that the blockages are resolved. More about online session Healing on Forces of Resistance

Resolving Traumas on mother's and father's love

Energy in the family is passed on from generation to generation. Traumas on motherly and fatherly love "live" in almost every family. Even if your own relationship with your father and mother is loving. Trauma or blockages on mother love and father love hinder you from being fully empowered, and using your feminine and masculine power. The training Personal and Spiritual Leadership, and the healing program Forces contain healings to dissolve these traumas and empower you. 

Forces of Resistance | Healing

If you have a belief in yourself that you don't want something or are resisting something, it comes right into your life. Often it becomes a resistance which creates blockages.

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Reinforce Your Feminine Power and Masculine Power

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Forces of Resistance | Healing

If you have a belief in yourself that you don't want something or are resisting something, it comes right into your life. Often it becomes a resistance which creates blockages.

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