Optimizing Energetic Connections | Maintain Your Energy

Overload is caused by energy flowing away. With this energetic exercise, you ensure that you do not become overloaded by disconnecting unnecessary connections.

Connection Through Chakras

When you are physically near each other, you unconsciously make a connection through your chakras. This is necessary to communicate with each other. The connection through the chakras allows you to sense and "read" each other. 

Your chakras are your operating system; the main chakras in your physical body (1st-7th), the chakras that provide the connection between your different bodies (8th-11th) and the connection with your higher consciousness (12th) together form your operating system. Through the energy flows between the chakras, you exchange information and shape your life path and its unfolding.

Your chakras become overloaded when you do not properly close the connections you continuously make. 

Optimizing energetic connections is done with the instrument singing rings. The singing rings are seven rings, each with its own tone of the scale. These are flexible multidimensional rings, connected to the music of the spheres. The place where all music is present. Music is a universal consciousness, music also connects people. It is the consciousness that knows in perfection which connection should be maintained and which should be disconnected.

  1. (Close your eyes) at the top of your aura near your 9th chakra (just above your head) let the singing rings emerge. You do this by simply naming or visualizing it.
  2. Let the rings descend like a scanner to the bottom of your aura at the 8lastchakra, about fifty centimeters below you.
  3. Let the rings rise like a scanner from the bottom of your aura to the top of your aura. Basically the same as step 2, but the reverse way.
  4. Let the singing rings dissolve into nothingness.
When you do the exercise, let the rings pass through the physically connected chakras; your 9thechakra is above your head and your 8the 8th chakra below you.</span
This exercise focuses on the chakras in your physical body, as this is the most important to avoid becoming physically and/or mentally overloaded. When you are sufficiently trained, you can also pass the rings through your chakras outside your physical body. Every person can do this. It just takes a lot of awareness, commitment and practice. 

This Exercise is Part of a Series of Exercises

The energetic exercise Optimizing energetic connections, is the fifth in a series of exercises that help you to be completely present in your body, to be grounded, to face the day with focus and overview and to stay with your own energy. 

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