Chakras Blocked or Out of Balance

There are numerous factors that cause your chakras to become overloaded, blocked, out of balance, polluted or damaged. The energy you consume with your consciousness is stored in your chakras. When you are not properly grounded with the consciousness of the Earth, there is insufficient refreshment of energy and your chakras become overloaded. 

In addition, through your chakras you connect with other consciousness on Earth: people, animals, and nature. As a result, there is a continuous energy exchange. When you do not cleanse your chakras, they become polluted and often even damaged by encounters and experiences you have on a daily basis. 

Grounding: Refreshing Energy Stored in Chakras

The energy you consume with your consciousness is stored in your chakras. To drain that burned-up energy from your chakras, you must ground with the consciousness of the Earth. Grounding is for your subtle physical body (which includes the 1st chakra through 7th chakras). Grounding provides the supply of fresh energy and drainage of spent energy. Proper grounding is the connection of your consciousness with the consciousness of the Earth. You want to be grounded; after all, you live on the Earth. Check out the exercise Grounding

Shielding Your Energy Field (Including Aura and Chakras)

Your aura is the energy you radiate from your chakras in the physical body (1st chakra to 7th chakra). Together, this forms your energy field. Your energy field determines your radiance and thus your frequency. It connects you with other consciousness on Earth. Everything you see, hear, and feel comes first into your energy field and only then into your physical body. Therefore, you continuously pick up energy from others. And unfortunately there are many people who discharge energy in an unhealthy way, namely by (unconsciously) dumping it on someone else. You can notice this when you are completely empty after meeting someone. By shielding your energy field (including aura and chakras), you stay more in tune with your own energy. Do the exercise Shielding energy field

Optimize Chakra Connections

When you are physically near each other, you unconsciously make a connection through your chakras. This is necessary to communicate with each other. The connection through the chakras allows you to sense and "read" each other. Your chakras become overloaded when you don't properly close the connections you continuously make. With the exercise Optimize energetic connections, you make sure that you properly close unnecessary connections.

You can compare the exercises with the yellow belt of judo. It stops some, but not all. If you want to become advanced in this, you can learn how to direct your chakras. In addition, the exercises ensure that no/less new energy from others enters your chakras. But the existing thoughts, beliefs, and projections that already cling to you remain. With a healing you can neutralize that, remove it and fill it with your own energy, so that you become more and more you. 

Chakra Healings

During almost every healing we do, we work on optimizing your chakras. After all, it is your operating system through which you shape your life. Only we don't call it chakra healings, because it's more than that alone. The healing programs Who am I | Higher Self and Chakras ontain multiple healings to vitalize, cleanse, restore and update your chakra system to who you are now. These healings are also included in the training Personal and Spiritual Leadership

What Is a Chakra?

A chakra is a force field that directs the body physically and mentally. It is the connecting factor of all your different bodies.

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