Directing Your Chakras

Properly directing your chakras not only makes you feel good about yourself. It also allows you to create opportunities with intention rather than by randomness or someone else's will. The moment you control the chakra system, you take control of your life.

Chakras Take Care of the Whole

In addition to the main chakras in your physical body (chakras 1 through 7), you have main chakras outside. These provide the connection between your different bodies (chakras 8 through 11) and the connection with your higher consciousness (12th chakra). The chakras make it work as one; together they form your operating system. Chakras thus affect body, mind and your life. The chakras can connect all the information from the universe and from your higher consciousness in the form of energy. And process this into all your bodies and thus all the dimensions (layers of realities) in which you exist, such as physical dimension and astral dimension.

Your Energy Determines the Course of Your Life

Through the energy flows between the chakras, you exchange information. The energy flow between the chakras goes both ways. When energy flows from your physical chakras (1st through 7th) to your spiritual chakras (8th through 12th), you want the energy to be as clean as possible. In your 11th chakra, your life path is mapped out and cause and effect is constantly adjusted based on the energy flowing into it. If you are anxious, then you live an anxious life. Are you doing what someone else wants, then you are not living your own life. Are you living in confidence, then you are living in your power.

Working with Your Chakras

What Is a Chakra?

A chakra is a force field that directs the body physically and mentally. It is the connecting factor of all your different bodies.

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