Help Us

Do you think what we do is cool and would you like to use your talent, knowledge or network to help us? We are very happy if you do so. 

Help Us Spread Our Books Internationally

We publish our own books and sell them through our website. This is a conscious choice, but it requires creativity and alternative solutions. For this we are looking for: 

  • Affiliate Partners who alert their (online) visitors to our books.
  • People with an international network who want to help us bring the English and Spanish books to international attention. 
  • Someone from Belgium who wants to ship books to Belgian buyers. Now we use a shipping house that can only handle 1 book at a time and charges quite a lot for this. We are forced to pass this on. It would be nice if this could be done differently.  
  • Anyone who is enthusiastic about the books and passes it on to anyone who wants to hear it

Support Community & Socials

It is not that we are not social, quite the contrary, but you can only spend your time 1 time. To get more out of our socials and community, we are looking for: 

  • someone with experience in community management who can help us structure and optimize our community and socials more fully 
  • Anyone who enjoys connecting with like-minded people and wants to join the community (it's in dutch): sign up.
  • Anyone who wants to help us get more reach: share, like or comment on our posts, tag us in your own posts or in response to others' posts ❤️

Be an Inspiration

For the blogs on our website and our newsletter, it is nice to know what is on your mind and what questions are on your mind. We are looking for anyone who: 

  • has an idea for a topic
  • has a question about a topic or a specific situation 
  • wants to share his or her experiences with the books, sessions, programs

Become a Donor

We still live in a world where money is needed to set something up and make it bigger. Don't want to lobby for us, but do you want to support us financially to build and develop the paradise on earth we are developing in Spain? We think that would be fantastic. 

Click on the payment request (it only works with a Dutch bank account) and adjust the amount to what you want to donate. 

Why Is This Important?

In recent years, it has become clear to many people that the world we live in is different from what they always thought: 

  • Systems designed to oppress rather than support people.
  • Governments driven by the (financial) power of the elite rather than democratically elected.
  • Policies intended to make society live in poverty and shortages rather than abundance.
  • Measures that do more harm than good to people's physical and mental health. 

What is much less visible and well known, but is certainly a crucial element for oppressing people, is the application of magic and astrology. The population has been made afraid of spirituality. Formerly via burning witches at the stake. Nowadays by fencing with science.

"It is not a mystery, it is the miracle called life through which magical moments occur."

Whereas the elite instill fear in the population to ensure that people do not use the supernatural powers and healing natural energies we all have at our disposal, they themselves apply magic in all areas of our lives. By now, more and more people are realizing that the elite have (unknowingly) allied themselves with dark forces, thereby oppressing the population.

Our goal is to show as many people as possible that you can control your life and make it more pleasant. You are the creator of your experience: create your own paradise on earth. 

"True insights and healing that will help you come into your own power and create your paradise on Earth."