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Astrid van Pluuren in Jorn Luka's The Trueman Show

Jorn Luka: "My own interpretation of the books is as follows: The book 'You are' tries to get you closer to your core through a good story and unwise practical tips. Because the closer you are to your core, the less easy you are to manipulate, the less you live in fear, the more you live from trust and the easier you will find your real life goals. From there, it becomes much easier to manifest those goals. And that comes in handy, because how best to get that done is again described in the booklet 'Your Will'."

Check out the podcast that already has over 49,000 views (it's in dutch)

OERsterk podcast Richard de Leth with Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff | Illness often arises not in the physical body but in other bodies of yours that have a problem

In OERsterk's studio, we have an interesting conversation with Richard de Leth about health as seen from the perspective of energetic fitness.

Check out the OERsterk podcast (it's in dutch) 


Energetic Garden in Didam

There is a nice and clear article about this in Growth & Bloom magazine, this year's July/August edition. 

The pictures were taken in early July last year, when we still lived there. 2 weeks later we sold our house and 5 weeks later we left for Spain. 

More about our energetic gardens

Groei & Bloei | Energiebom. Astrid en Jarno troffen bij hun nieuwe huis een overwoekerde tuin aan waar geen energie meer in zat. Ze begonnen helemaal opnieuw en creëerden een energetische tuin. Hoe dat werkt? Die is gebaseerd op afstemming en vertrouwen op je intuïtie. Wat heeft die plant of plek nodig? En kan dat in harmonie met wat ik wel, dus in een samenwerking. Tuintips van Astrid.