Force Field Linya, Construction 3rd Week

As described in the previous update during the full moon the underground work was completed and the flow of energy started. 

This week's construction was all about backfilling, seeding, putting stones in place and, above all, lots of energetic programming. 

All the stones of the force field in Linya are in place. The black stone in the upper right corner of the circle is facing North. That is the Smoky Quartz. Clockwise there lie next: 7 Mineral quartz Blue aventurine Rock crystal Charoite Fuchsite Bosnian calcite Rose quartz Sodalite Tiger's eye Green aventurine Labradorite The stone in the center is rock crystal on sandstone from Croatia.

The black stone in the upper right of the circle is on the North. That is the Smoky Quartz. Clockwise there lie next: 7 mineral quartz, Blue aventurine, Rock crystal, Charoite, Fuchsite, Bosnian calcite, Rose quartz, Sodalite, Tiger's eye, Green aventurine, Labradorite. The stone in the center is rock crystal on sandstone. 

The shining stone outside the circle (which will soon form the transition from the terrace to the circle) is natural stone. This gem was among the load of natural stone for the terraces and paths. We knew immediately that it had to be given a special place. 

Energetic Programming: Information Exchange

As described in our book Your Being everything is energy with a consciousness, and energy contains information. In which stones, water and structures carry and can store large amounts of information (and thus energy).

Over 150 gemstones incorporated into this force field come from all over the world. Even the water comes from far and wide. With this, knowledge and information from all over the world comes together in Linya. 

The programming added to the force field are intentions with messages. You can compare it to intentions you add to an amulet or talisman

What kind of messages? Ranging from mandalas and sacred geometric forms to knowledge and skills of higher intelligences, such as healingspirits and the Angels of Higher Laws. Of course purely channeled through a healing space

Next week we will continue with this. Next week you will read more about the energetic end result of the force field and how this works for you. 

Everything About Our Place in Spain

Linya, Our Paradise

Linya, our paradise on Earth. A beautiful place at the foot of the Pyrenees. The whole setting here is focused on personal development.

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