Force Field Linya, Construction 2nd Week

Sand drawing of a lotus flower in the force field of Linya. In the upper right corner, a bank of stones in the shape of Fibonacci's row.

After the seed of life drawn in the circle at the end of the first week we started the 2nd week with the lotus flower. The lotus flower represents transformation, regeneration and purity. The lotus flower consists of the Seed of life plus 6 additional circles. 

If you look closely, you can also see stones in the Row of Fibonacci in the upper right of the picture. This will be a water stream with a bench. 

Points, Lines and Figures of Gems

There are more than 150 gemstones incorporated into the circle. At intersections of the lotus flower, in lines like mandalas and sacred geometric figures. 

Some stones have the role of receiver and others the role of transmitter. In the case of this Tourmaline with copper around it, this can be clearly seen. 

Tourmaline with copper around it

At the intersections lie:

  • Zebra amethyst
  • Amazonite
  • Green opal¬†
  • Ammonite
In the photo, the points at which the stones will lie in the rows are measured out.

There are 12 rows of 8 stones laid out to form a mandala.

In the rows are: 

  • Fluorite
  • Cactus Amethyst
  • Amethyst
  • Blue ocean
  • Emerald Calcite
  • Aquamarine
  • Amber
  • Red Jasper
A line of 8 stones highlighted: Green Fluorite Cactus Amethyst Amethyst Blue ocean Emerald Calcite Aquamarine Amber Amber Red Jaspes

Visit of the 'Green Comet'

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, the 'Green Comet' passed by Earth. This happens once every 50,000 years. The last time was during the Stone Age. The 'Green Comet' comes traveling from the 'Oort Cloud', this region is the farthest away within our solar system, a whopping 29 light days. Interesting is Nasa's video on the extent of space.  

As described in the book Your Being everything has a consciousness and energy frequency that contains information, including planets and objects. This is especially true of comets that travel a long way and come sporadically "near" Earth. When you tune in to the visit of the "Green comet," what knowledge and insights did it bring you?

7 Pointed Star, or Hectogram

Using 7 natural stones from Bosnia, the 7 pointed star was placed in the force field. Among other things, this represents the number of days of the week. Which in turn are linked to 7 visible planets. Read more about its meaning.

Fun fact: 

In the Spanish language, the links to the planets are generally very obvious in the names of the days: Lunes (moon = luna), Martes (Mars), Miércoles (Mercury), Jueves (Jupiter), Viernes (Venus), Sábado (Saturn) and Domingo (sun, this one is a little less clear). 

Metatron's Cube

On Thursday, sand was used to lay the foundation of the Metatron's cube. In addition to linking with planets, the days also have a link with Gods. Thursday with Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Friday has the link with Freya, the Germanic goddess of fertility, love and lust.

On the 'masculine Thursday' the round 'feminine' forms are laid down. On the 'female Friday' the angular 'male' figures of the Metatron's cube were made with copper wire. 

In this way the male and female energy are balanced in the power circle. Anyone who has ever followed a healing session by Jarno knows that he always safeguards the masculine in the feminine and the feminine in the masculine. More about masculine and feminine power

Programming of Water

As described in the article about the 1st week's construction, the elements earth, air, fire and water were incorporated into the circle. We used 12 vials of water:

  • 7 vials of water to retrieve information, such as water from the Pyramids of Bosnia, Lourdes¬†and various sources from the Netherlands, the Pyrenees and the Linya area.
  • 5 vials to transmit information to resonant water, including sea water from the North Sea and Mediterranean Sea.¬†

7 corresponds to the number of days and visible planets. 5 with the number of invisible planets making up 12, representing the months and hours of the clock. 

Full Moon in Leo

In the evening of Feb. 5 during the full moon, the stick was removed from the center and a natural stone from Croatia and this beautiful Silk Malachite were placed in the center. Jarno made a video of this stone. Watch it.

This completed the underground structure and started the flow of energy.  

Malachite coming into the center of the power circle in Linya.

Nice detail: 

The stone in the center of the circle is green and was laid the same week the 'Green Comet' passed by Earth. 

Healing and Intentions

Although the stones, materials and shapes together create an energy field, it is the programming and intentions that determine its power. A lot happened in the 2nd week. In this area as well. In one of the next updates we will go deeper into this. 

Everything About Our Place in Spain

Linya, Our Paradise

Linya, our paradise on Earth. A beautiful place at the foot of the Pyrenees. The whole setting here is focused on personal development.

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