Force Field Linya, Construction 4th Week

As indicated in the update construction force field week 3 the emphasis during this last week was on intentions and energetic programming. With this update, we zoom in on the end result. 

Knowledge Added

Much knowledge was added to the force field this week. Among others, healing spirits with knowledge of (medicinal) herbs and flowers. Astrid has also planted the first plants in the garden which will soon have a strengthening effect on each other. 

On February 20, 2023 during the New Moon in Pisces, the force field is completed. The flow of energy, and thus information, as it has begun will only become more powerful from now on.

The Power of This Force Field

How powerful the energy of the force circle may become depends on what the residents and the environment can handle. How powerful it can become is determined by several factors. Like the gemstones and other materials used, geometric figures, but especially the place and the intentions and programming. 

Linya is by itself a powerful place. We measured the Bovis value (vibrational number of life energy) behind the church at 18,000 bovis units. This corresponds to measurements from the Stonehenge. The Bovis value of the power circle is well above that. How high it is, we won't say. We much prefer that the people who visit experience and measure it for themselves. More about Bovis value and measuring it.

The place combined with our powerful intentions and programming makes this power circle one of a kind. It is not only a healing place, it also provides you with the insights you need and enables you to evolve accordingly.    

Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff in front of the force field.

Difference Healing Place and Healing

As described in our book Your Being you have different bodies at the level of:

  • body (subtle physical body, physical body, energy body and astral body)
  • spirit (metaphysical body, emotional body and mental body)
  • soul (causal body and spiritual body)

A healing place affects the bodies that fall under "body" and potentially "mind," depending on the power of the healing place. Jarno works with his healings on soul-level bodies, specifically the causal body, which is the body of life path, cause and consequence.

Synergy Healing and Force Field

A healing from Jarno is at the soul level and has an effect on the bodies at the level of mind and body. If you are in the energetic garden during and after the healing, the results are faster and more natural. In this way, it reinforces each other. 

Would You Like to Experience This? Visit Us in Linya

Come visit Linya. The visit consists of a retreat in the energetic garden plus a healing or coaching session. Read more about a visit

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