Force Field Linya, Construction 1st Week

On January 21, 2023, we started constructing the force field in Linya. In preparation, we had the garden, which was completely tiled and had a concrete foundation of 7 cm, excavated. 

Tractor clearing the garden of the Rectoria in Linya.

Super New Moon in Aquarius

The construction of the force field takes a moon phase because it is built based on the rhythm of nature. 

In the evening at the time of the Super New Moon at 1 degree in Aquarius, we started. More about the Super New Moon in Aquarius 

At this moment the core was determined and anchored in the ground together with the energy of that moment. 

Perfect timing: 

  • The new Super Moon was on 21-01-2023. Added together, this is the master number 11. This is the number of enlightenment and the unification of the masculine and feminine; having transcended duality.
  • In addition, all planets are direct from January 22, this is not common and means an acceleration of energy. So from the start of construction, full speed ahead. 

Defining the Circle and Clearing Debris

The size of the force circle is related to how powerful the energy field may become. Taking into account the residents and the environment. 

In our case, the size was calculated based on the number of years of awakening within our Galaxy combined with the sacred EL. The diameter is over 8 meters. 

It has a similar ratio to the Pyramids of Giza. By the way, the sacred EL is a different size than the ancient or Biblical EL

Centerpiece and the gemstones of the force field at Linya.

Excavating the circle was quite a job. The ground is hard and full of stones and boulders. Still, we did this by hand and not by machine. Because, the energy you put in during the process affects the energy of the force field. 

Determining Wind Directions

First the North-South axis was plotted, then East-West and then the intermediate directions, such as South-South-East, and East-East-South. This creates 12 points, just like the hours of the clock. 

Fun fact:

Using the North-South axis, it is easy to see that the poles are shifting. The church next to our house that was built hundreds of years ago is now no longer on that line. 

Gems Choose Their Place

As described in our book Your Being a stone chooses you. In this case, the stone chooses not only to be part of the force field, but also what place the stone wants to occupy in the circle. 

At first they were randomly piled together and there was a somewhat "chaotic energy". It was beautiful to notice that the individual stones took on a different power and role when they were placed near their final place. This brought more unity, cohesion and reinforcement to the energy field. 

The Elements

This force field incorporates water. Sea water, water from the mountains and spring water. The circle itself is made in the ground which represents the element earth. Air also comes naturally. The only thing missing was the element fire. 

To incorporate this into the circle, we went to the volcano Santa Margarida to pick up a basalt stone watch the video. The basalt was put into the ground on the North-South axis. 

Drawings with Texel Sand

A pattern was drawn in the circle with sand from the beach of Texel. Why this sand? The sea at Texel has an open connection to "distant waters". Because of this it has a rich information structure. 

The first pattern in the circle is the seed of life, constructed according to sacred geometry. This also represents creation, the coming into being of life. It consists of 7 circles (the outer circle and 6 within it). 

Circles represent wholeness, totality and the infinite. Within seed of life, 7 represents the number of days of creation, but of course it is also reflected in the 7 main chakras in your physical body and the cycles of 7 years. 

Seed of life, consisting of 7 circles, drawn with sand during the construction of the force field in Linya.

Healing and Intentions

Although the stones, materials and shapes together create an energy field, it is the programming and intentions that determine its power. To get this as pure and clean as possible, Jarno did quite a bit of healing on it. To let the force field contribute to our own development and the development of the area, in harmony with the place and what lives here, Astrid worked on the intentions. 

Everything About Our Place in Spain

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Linya, our paradise on Earth. A beautiful place at the foot of the Pyrenees. The whole setting here is focused on personal development.

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