"Jarno and Astrid helped me to find faith in myself again."

Ilonka Meijer: "In 2021 I lost my home, my business, and income, but most of all myself. I was always pleasing others so I no longer knew who I was and what I wanted. With depression as a result. With the help of Jarno and Astrid, I regained the way to myself and the strength and energy to go on the journey of a lifetime."

"My life is going great because of Jarno's healings"

Sam van den Haak: "I actually blocked my whole childhood and that started to bother me more and more. I was hoping that Jarno could help me with a healing so I could have a normal relationship with someone. It changed my life. I am now 'in the lead' through 'Lead a normal life.

"After the first healing, I went out the door a lot lighter."

Rob van der Molen: "I felt that a heavy energy was pulling me down in parts. I wanted to transform that. Jarno broadened my horizons by clearing blockages and addressing karma. It is an elusive and infinite process, but it has taken me a lot further again."

"Jarno's healing helped me release blockages."

Nienke Gottenbos: "I struggled with relationships, was able to recognize and acknowledge the problem, but did not manage to solve it. Afterwards, it turned out that I was carrying my great-grandmother's energy with me and had to give that back to move forward myself."

"I wanted to be even more in my power."

Myrna van Kemenade: "I wanted to be even more in my power. There are few people who are allowed to get into my energy field, but with Jarno it immediately felt genuine. He helps people reach their full potential."

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