Rectoria de Linya

At the most beautiful point of Linya are the church and rectory house. There are no street names here, but house names. Our address: Rectoria de Linya. 

Aerial view of the church and rectoria ( pastor's house)
Astrid on the 'relationship seat' of the Rectoria
Astrid van Pluuren and Jarno Tiethoff


For many years the church was a subordinate church of Santa Maria d'Ossea, located next to the house of Can Feliu de Navès. Until 1685 when the rector went to live in Linya. But, it did not become its own parish until 1897. The church has an interesting Renaissance altarpiece from 1575, dedicated to St. John, from the parish of Bergús. It has several chapels. The: 

  • chapel of Sant Grau 
  • Romanesque chapels of Vilapedrés
  • chapel of Sant Pere de les Llenes or Duocastella 
  • chapel of Sant Andreu de la Sala de Linya with a Baroque altarpiece attributed to the sculptor Carles Morató

The church, home and green area around it are owned by the Bisbat Solsona. They administer 51 parishes. 

Everything About Our Place in Spain

Linya, Our Paradise

Linya, our paradise on Earth. A beautiful place at the foot of the Pyrenees. The whole setting here is focused on personal development.

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