About Linya

At an altitude of 700 meters at the foot of the Pyrenees lies Linya. The church and its house are centrally located. Exactly at a junction of important ley lines. It is the highest place in the area giving you beautiful panoramic views of the mountains of the Pyrenees, wide fields and forests, and overlooks Montserrat

Area for Personal and Spiritual Development

The tranquility, space and open character of the landscape naturally gives you a wide, open view. You can compare it to fish; they adapt to the size of their surroundings. For example, fish in a bowl do not grow nearly as large as fish of the same species in a spacious pond. 

The same is true for people; when you have wide open views and a lot of personal space, there is also room to grow. This is partly because your energy is not constantly "distracted" by the energy field of others with whom you come into contact.  

Health Enhancing Place

Linya lies at a junction of important ley lines, surrounded by forests and wide fields. It is of itself a powerful place. That combined with our energetic garden makes this place one of a kind. Not only is it a healing place, it also provides you with the insights you need and enables you to evolve accordingly.  

Linya is located between Andorra and Barcelona. This part of Catalonia is sparsely populated with lots of unspoiled nature. That means there is little pollution:

  • Little physical pollution.
  • Hardly any radiation from UMTS masts. Most of the radiation that is there is absorbed by nature.
  • Almost no air pollution. Linya is at an altitude of 700 meters so pollution from lower industrial areas does not reach this location.  

Visit Us in Linya

Come visit Linya. The visit consists of a retreat in the energetic garden plus a healing or coaching session. 

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Combine With a (Short) Vacation

There are plenty of activities and tourist attractions near Linya. We highlight some of them:

Boy and girl hanging from a cable car in a climbing forest a 50-minute drive from Linya.

Adventure Sports

From swimming, canoeing, rafting and water skiing to bungee jumping, climbing and go-karting. It's all possible in the Linya area.

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Winter Sports

Just a 50-minute drive from Linya is the Port del Comte ski resort. There you can ski, snowboard, cross-country ski and even do a tour with husky dogs. 

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Photo with furnished tent from Forest days glamping 15 minutes from Linya.


Near Linya, there are plenty of lodging options. From campsites and RV parks to hotels and apartments.

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